Saturday, March 26, 2016

SDC // March // 2016

When the weather looks good and school is out, we head to Silver Dollar City!!!

I LOVE these days!!
Even when he is goofy for my photos.
It must be a trend.
I guess I have to get in for them to behave. Thanks for playing, Campbell.
These cuties are best of friends. I love that these cousins can also be such good buddies.
I snagged Davis for a little selfie fun!
Back to the goofball pictures.
His favorite place to ride. Cutie.
Ok, I'll jump in!
They all make me so happy!
 The ladybugs. I love that the bigger kids still LOVE the little kid rides. And that the older siblings are willing to ride with the littles. OH and the attendant makes kids turn their hats around. Hilarious considering this ride goes about .0000000001 miles and hour.
The wet rolling ball. I love and hate this thing. My kids always look like they have gone swimming after a simple touch of the thing.
The other parents hate us but yes, we let them play the games. $5 limit.
He does what he wants. Like sitting on the counter. I mean, to be fair, we are at SDC.
Even the littlest got in on the fun.
She didn't really care, she just wanted to be in pictures. Precious girl!
He "needed" a bigger gun!
This face, eye closed and all!!
There it is again!!
Learning from his big brother
He shoots!
And this is what she won. I am not sure what it cost her daddy (or maybe her uncle Ryan) but I am sure they are cursing me.
I'm not sure what this is about but he is a cutie!
All the big boys cared about was getting a basketball. And then the adults spent the rest of the day telling them not to bounce them in the park. *massive eyeroll* As annoyed as I was that day, I'm sure I will fall for it again.
Him and his money. SO happy!
He loves the dart game. Probably because it is really the only one tailored to little kids and he always wins. We don't tell him that everyone wins at SDC.
Hands down, our favorite ride. He just loves shooting the gun!
This face. Precious.
She was his buddy. They are precious together.
He was disappointed in his score but he really doesn't even get that part of it. HAHA!!
 Crazy Campbell Kate in the kid zone!
He was having such a blast!
Crazy kiddos. One day I will get them on the BIG roller coasters.
But today, they ride the kiddie swings with their younger siblings.
Davis getting a little wild. HAHAHA!
No clue. Not a bit. They are weird.
These kids were still riding. Having a blast. Or at least I think they are, Campbell looks like she is passed out.
This face!
Oh there she is!
Campbell's face is CLASSIC!!
And this is the moment you realize they have changed attendants and you can no longer ride the little kid swings. He was pissed.
But they were happy!
I am pretty sure he was about to fall asleep.
And then my people watching skills took over. I mean, when you see a grown man rocking a fanny pack, you have to take a picture. He could have totally kicked my ass but whatev.
And this awesome mullet cannot go unnoticed.
The best part, they were together! Winning.
These two.
Little man wanted to do it too. I love that Chaz is holding him. He is such a helper to little ones. Loves him!
And this. Yes, Campbell is "holding" Jackson.
This face. I love him.
The only girl for the day. Such the trooper.
We had such a blast! LOVE some SDC and the Hill cousins!! I can't wait to do it again!

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