Thursday, March 24, 2016

March // 2016

March 2016. What a hard month. But, as I always do, I will put it out there for you. The good and the not so good.

It started with us receiving the news that one of my dearest friends had been diagnosed with the most evil of evil diseases, cancer. I love this girl so much. She had been sick for a long time but we never knew what was going on. She, being the smart (and feisty) little whip she is, pushed and pushed for them to check for cancer. She knew something big was wrong. After many months and many test, they finally discovered it. She was right. Surgery is this month and the road is long but in the end, I know she will kick this thing's ass. I mean, it is Sally, of course she will. As a little throw back, I will give you this, the funny story (and a VERY old post) of the night her little guy was born. Enjoy.
My nap buddy. I loves her!!
This was when he was getting ready for JumpRope for Heart. I had to get some shots of this hair!
Seriously the tallest mo-hawk EVER!!!
Little afternoon fun with the devil's liquid bubbles.
He obviously likes them just a little more than I do.
And when the friends see bubbles, they come running. AJ thought they were so much fun! I love the friendship these two sweet boys have. Preciousness.
And why wouldn't we wipe them on the ground? I mean mommy's OCD is already at top levels but why not?!?
This video seriously makes me shiver.
Did I mention cancer freaking sucks? This sweet man went to heaven this month. He fought a very brave and long battle. We were so proud to call him a friend and call him part of our family, even if his time with us was brief. Mark, you taught us a lot. Thank you for loving my cousin the way you did. You are missed, my friend.
When life is tossing you lemons, you take the time to enjoy the lemonade. I love them so much. They are my happy.
So when you head to Bunco and get this text from your hubs. Nothing to see here folks. I mean, this is my real life.

So this is the fix in action.....
Did you know this is what it looks like when you take off the door? All that insulation?? I had no clue.
He called in backup. It was a teaching moment.
TADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud but yes, I did step back a bit when I used it for the first time after this.
Every moment I can get with this lady is a good one. Isn't she just something precious?!?
Some nights are worse than others and they result in slow moving mornings. Dog + Kid + Hubs.
I returned from Waco just in time to make it to my niece's birthday party. Ice skating was a hit!!
Four year old skating is awesome! I am glad it is him trying to hold him up and not me!! Sadly, these are the only two shots I got of the party because my phone died 😢
Out to dinner and the hubs orders this. Goofball.
Party in my room. I am not even sure what is going on here but there are kids, pillows, blankets, snacks and I assume a movie.
This is my crazy kid. He doesn't really sleep and because it was a weekend night, I didn't make him. Crazy pants.
This is what was going on back in the party room. Crashed out. It doesn't take much to get Jackson and Chaz to sleep. They like their sleep.
So does she. Precious little thang!!!
Crazy boys and I love the signs of Spring!!
Haircuts by Meme are priceless.
One day she will vacate my bed.  Goodness me.
Sleepover mornings are made for puzzles, milk and cereal.
This kid.
I had to take a picture. This is Chaz's laundry. I mean, can you say neon. WOW.
We have a lot of sleeping pictures this month! HA! I think it is because it is just a picture of calm and peace. I love it!!
Chaz gave Jack a piece of sour candy. Here are the results. His faces are amazing.
I love this one. He is a great date.
Boys will be boys. The neighbors are building a pool which has resulted in some great dirt, sometimes mud, on the side of our driveway. Of course, the boys grab their trucks and get in the dirt. Note: No clue why Dane's shirt is on backwards. He is his own kid.
Sweet Blair wanted to play ball. She was pretty darn good!!
One of Chaz's best friends is Lily. I love getting pictures from her mom when he goes to play. There are many times where he has been "forced" to play girl stuff. He has such a great time over there!! And Lily's little sister is obsessed with Chaz.

With the pretty sights of Spring also comes the Spring storms. We hate storms around here. We get in the pantry and yes, I put helmets on the kids. Oh and yes, Chaz is asleep. He is terrified of storms but loves his sleep.
My Bunco ladies, or at least some of them. Love this crew even if we struggle to get a selfie sometimes.
As good as it gets. Fun night!
These kids are OBSESSED with Dude Perfect so any chance they get to recreate it, they are going to do it. "Mom, Mom, can you video this???" I can't tell you how many times a day I hear this. This day, I refused.
Lunch with Gaga, Papa, Hulk and Batman.
When your boss says she is not feeling so good, you rush across the street to the Pharmacy for a quick blood pressure test. I mean, we are doctors, right?? Once you see the readings that she is pretty much at heart attack level, you hand her over to her hubs for an ER visit. Thankfully, it was just a fluke and she is ok. WHEW!
Sorting eggs. It is necessary!
I love this neighborhood and I love the kiddos.
Chaz performed, in pjs, at school one morning. He enthusiasm is impressive. *Eyeroll*

Time for the funny time!!
And awesomeness. This is now on my bathroom wall in the game room. GO HOGS GO!!!
Everyday. Say something nice to yourself!
Kid president has my heart. If you haven't heard anything from this kid, I encourage you to check it out. He will make your day and maybe change your world.
When you discover Bitmojis. It kinda takes over your life.
And sometimes your coworker, who taught you how to bitmoji, gives you one back. Oh Ken, such the Kim K.
Some are not for the weak. But they are SO good.
This reminds me of my Waco trip and riding with Mer.
This makes me smile. Smile BIG.
Ugh. Eight is hard. Why didn't anyone tell me that!?!?!
Happy March, peeps. I hope April is easier.

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