Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter // 2016

Just as we do every year, we went up to my parents house the day before Easter to enjoy the sunshine and dye some eggs.

The boys found the motorized scooter in my parents garage. Who knew this would be a thing?! It was actually quite hilarious to watch!
And this little dude just really likes to play in the dirt with his men. Cutie!
And then it was time to lose the shirts and dye some eggs. What? Do your children not dye eggs outside and shirtless??
The concentration level of this kid is awesome!
And this one is just cute and a mess.
This really freaks my OCD out!! Nothing good can come from this.
Thank goodness for Gaga, Aunt Sandra and Meme! I am pretty sure this would be quite the hot mess if they weren't here to help us!
I did this. I was super proud of it. I mean, I am clearly not the super egg dyer.
So fun. I love my dad just kickin' it on the bench in the background. I am pretty sure he wants nothing to do with kids, eggs and dye. I can't really say I blame him!
So pretty!!!
And some stickers to boot!
And then it was time to stuff the eggs. Yes, my kids know I stuff eggs. I am not sure they ever believed in a giant rabbit dropping eggs full of candy in the yard. It is creepy. Be honest, it is creepy. I haven't necessarily told them the Easter bunny isn't real but I haven't really pushed for it either. Creepy.
They do get Easter baskets. Or actually one basket full of things. Some of them are specific to each kiddo and some are to share. I have always done it this way and I love it!
Oh and yes, this is probably the most "dressed up" my children have been since they went to see Santa. They live in T-Shirts and gym shorts. They are boys and that is just ok!
And then the rain came.. Ugh. It isn't like we have never hunted inside but still. I wanted to hide the eggs in the grass and trees, it is SO much more fun!!
This was my fav. BAHAHA!!
In the end, it didn't really matter. They were so excited!!
Counting his eggs! He kept trying to stop and count vs hunting. It took some convincing!!
And after that big hunt, we headed to another big hunt. Off to the Hill house. Thankfully, the weather cleared up and we were able to get these crazy kids outside. Hunting inside with all the Hill children would have probably been a no go with all of Mah's pretties.  They were ready. Look at those faces!!
Release the hounds!! *no clue what is up with Ben's shirt.
These kids are a blast!
And so helpful with the littler cousins!!
Yes, we creep into the neighbor's yard. They don't mind!
Sweetness. He made quite the haul.
And then it was time for the Hill kid group picture. Jackson wasn't having it so we are short one. And this is what you get when you try to take a picture of seven kids, ten and under, hopped up on sugar (pun intended)
Goofy kids. Dane was not having this!
Yep, that is as good as it gets. Maybe we will do a little better next year! HAHAHA!!
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