Friday, February 26, 2016

Riley Renee homecoming // 2016

So after bed rest, an interesting entrance into this world on February 19th and about a week in the NICU, it was time to bring baby Riley Renee home! I was so excited when Misti asked me to come over and document the morning.

The excitement and relief for this sweet family was in the air!
I think Daddy and big sister were ready to bring little sister home!
This face makes me laugh! I am not sure what exactly she is doing but I think it is just a buncha bliss exploding out of this big sister!
Pure sweetness. I wonder if KSue will even remember this. Probably not, but she will have the pictures to prove it! Such a sweet moment!
And this, kinda looks like she is questioning this whole "bringing her home" thing. I promise, big sister, your momma and daddy have enough love in their hearts for both of you. It will be different, and you may have to be a little more patient but it will be totally worth it. You now have a BFF for life. How cool is that?!?!
She was over it pretty quickly. "C'mon Daddy, let's take her inside!!!"
And then she just sat... and stared. She was in total awe.
This is her face when we told her she was going to hold her baby sister. I don't think that smile could get any bigger.
I mean, can you even.
I am not sure Daddy was ready to hand her over but KSue wasn't going to wait much longer!!
I wish, WISH, I had pictures like this of our boys. So precious. I am pretty sure I was crying behind my camera.
KSue said "She is just so TINY!" She was very right!
And you know what I do to my favs. Something about a black and white picture that just melts me! So pretty much all of the next ones are black and white. Swoon.
She was telling us how little her feet were.
Sweet Daddy, sweet sister.
And her fingers are tiny too!!
I just love this sweet little nugget!
BEAUTIFUL big sister. #hairenvy
Could you just eat her up?!?!
I had to toss in the color of this one because of her beautiful skin. So precious!!
Sweet Riley, can you please be my friend forever? I just love her!!
Yeah, not a fan of that! HAHA!
Those rolls.
 Sweet girl, you sure gave us a scare when you entered this world but just like the rest of your family, you are a fighter and you made it through like a champ. You are so blessed to have been sent by God to this special family. They will love you like no other, I promise you that. You are also surrounded by extended family and friends who will probably love on you to the point of annoyance :) Always remember how much you are loved and surrounded by family and friends. Welcome, little one. I can't wait to see what amazing things you do in this life of yours!

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