Saturday, February 6, 2016

Emerson's Bday // 2016

I love that we have so many kiddos in our lives. They are all so amazing! With so many kiddos, we have SO many parties BUT we have a blast! Unfortunately, for sweet Emerson's bday, I forgot my big camera and only had my (dying) iphone. Oops!

I did manage to get a few. Like this one of this guy who refused to come out of the play set. This face.
I also got the crazy of dancing with ChuckE and gathering all the coupons. OMG, you would have thought they were tossing out million dollar bills!
Dane was not so sure about him this trip.
And then we discovered this boy in a car full of girls. Oh my goodness. Is this a prelude to later in life? Lord help us all!!
Emerson, Grace and Dane were having SUCH a great time! I can't stand to delete a single picture. It was a riot!!
Crazy pants!
We love this little so much. Dane will not admit that Emerson is his girlfriend BUT he asks about her daily. I think the love it super strong between these littles. Adorable!!  Happy Birthday, Emerson!

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