Saturday, January 16, 2016

Aven's Birthday party // 2016

When your bday is a few days before Christmas, you celebrate in January. We all gathered for Aven's bday. Again, at ACD because we LOVE IT!!

This, this was the big hit! A balance pole that was just hanging out. The kids loved it!!
I love this one. He is so awesome!
And he likes to boss people and tell them to hold on. HA!
I'm telling you it was SUCH the hit. There was a line for this thing! HA!
She cracks me up!
Lemley has the balance of a ninja!!

And he is baaaack.
Happy birthday to you!!!
And we race.. Translation, Aven whoops her dad!
And the hubs races the boys!
And races Dane.
Crazy pants!!

Chaz decided to go up the down.
And then the dads try to run UP the slide. BIG KIDS!!

So much fun! We love you, Aven!!!

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