Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lake day // 2016

Some days it is just fun to meet up with some awesome friends and hang at the lake!
First stop is obviously sunscreen, life jackets and carp feeding!
I love their sweet little friendship. He is WAY too close to the edge for me but could hear him saying "No, Kerby, get back. I don't want the fish to get you!" Preciousness!
And we just can't forget how much this dude loves his littles. He is such an awesome kiddo!
And she was so happy to sit by Chaz.
The hair that has a mind of its own. All.day.long.
And this precious nugget. Yummy!
Roll out the mat because the crazy Hill children are on board!
Her giggles watching my boys be crazy were priceless!
Because they are just silly!
This face! BAHAHA!
Check Dane at the end. Craycray!
And then while the boys drive around the lake, we take some selfie time. Bring it! We had so much fun!! Forgive the cheesy, free glasses, I jumped in the lake with my favs and they didn't survive. RIP, sunglasses #134,234
 I just can't stop with their skills! Love. Love. Love.
 And then this girl wanted to get in the picture! Bring it, girlfriend. Just forgive if my arms are short and I cut off an eye. Oops!
 Note: this all took place in about 2 minutes. They are SO fun!!
 We had to add in Momma and baby sis!
 Wait, we go a smile with RR! #winning
 Smash it all up because THAT was a good time!
 After more swimming, playing, some eating, etc, they were tired... very tired.
 I don't even think we had rounded the first turn! Thanks for the good time, McGowans!

Monday, July 18, 2016

SDC // July // 2016

Just something we love to do. Some call it "Steal your dollar city" but we disagree, we love this place!! Take our money, we don't care!!

We put them in neon (not just SDC day, every day) because it is easy to see them in a crowd and they love it... and hit.the.road!
First stop, grandpa's mansion! We love this place!
Yep, run up and do it again... and again... and again.. and, c'mon lets go onto something else!!
Did you know they had Icees are SDC? I didn't until this trip. I may have consumed 75% of Dane's cherry lime-aid. WOW, delicious!!
While waiting for lunch... you hand over your phone.
When it is crazy hot in July, you let your kids get as wet as possible. Who cares!?!? Chaz loves to wait at the end of the plunge and get soaked!
And when there is a splash pad, let them play! They were SOAKING wet but having a blast!!
Chronologically, this should have gone before the one of Chaz waiting on the plunge wave but I thought I would save this until the end. So, we kinda tricked the little guy in front. He is used to us being in lines and then at the end, one of us going and then switching and the other going.. but Dane doesn't have to go. Well, this year on Fire in the Hole we tricked him and he HATED us for it... so we did it again on this ride. Why not?!?! #parentsoftheyear #youwillloverollercoasters #youwillhavefun #donthateuswhenyouareolder #therapybillsareinevitable #butthepictureispriceless
SDC day success! I love my crew!