Saturday, December 17, 2016

Holiday fun with the fam // 2016

We spent a few days leading up to the holidays at my parents house. They are fantastic at helping to shuffle the kids when we need to run out for just a few last minute items AND my brother and Lisa were coming in town so we wanted to maximize the short time we get to see with them.

When we arrived there was a light dusting of snow and the boy MASTERED a snow angel. I could not believe how incredibly perfect it was! He was very, very proud of himself. Oh the little things!
Papa helping brush him off. They are quite the pair!
And then the excitement of a lose tooth. This is big stuff around here, folks! The hubs and I want no part of it and my dad always wants to attach it to some kind of contraption to get it out. In the end, the boy wanted to try and pull it himself.
It was so gross and fun to watch! He was determined and, in the end, he was successful! That gap over on his top left is the winner! Nice work, buddy!
 And this kid just wanted some pictures of him being silly. Seriously, such the goofy kid! I guess we looked at his brother's mouth for so long, he had to show us his!
And then the wait. OH, the anticipation! Uncle Shane and Aunt Lisa should be coming up the driveway at any moment. I loved to see how excited they were!
And then they decided to hide under the pool table. BAHAHA! They can seriously wedge themselves up there where nobody can see them. It is quite the sight to see! Those white blobs above the blue tub are Chaz's feet!
Then we went out to dinner and enjoyed the lights on my hometown square!
Thanks for hamming it up, Dane. We can always count on you! 😂
These two crack me up!

This kid is awesome. I am not sure what is happening with his hair. It has a mind of it's own and tends to just fall. Bless him.
 My world in a selfie...or four!
 I seriously LOVE these people!
 This dude knows the best seat in the house!
And after some loss of layers (for both of these dudes) he is out. These pictures just make my heart so happy!
 And what happens when your son/grandkid/little brother says he wants a wrestling ring (shake rumble as he called it) for Christmas but it is a few days before and the hubs decides he doesn't want to pay for the piece of junk at WM? Well, you head to the shop and make him one! They all worked so hard on it and he LOVED it!
 So at the end of this post, I am realizing I didn't get a single picture of Shane and Lisa.. or my mom. Fail. Maybe the Christmas post will better!

Wreaths Across America // 2016

If you don't know what this is, please take a minute and check it out. EVERYONE should do this. EVERYONE should teach your children the importance of this event. We have been going to this since before this blog was created.

Remember our fallen U.S. Soldiers.  Honor those who serve. Teach your children the value of freedom.

In my mind, this is one of the most important events of December. Much more important than any sporting event or party. If you are able, do. 

This year, my nephew tagged along.  Chaz was so excited to take him and teach him. I love this part of my son's heart. 

This kid. He is for sure into the event now that he is getting older. But he still thinks cheesing with the canon is pretty cool too.
Our first stop is always to my Papa and my cousin. They let the families place wreaths before they release the general public to do so.

He is just so precious to all of us. He is so great at showing the proper respect for this beautiful place and the people who rest here.  It was WAY too cold for my Meme to attend this year so Chaz did the honors alone. He is usually accompanied by her. He did a great job.
I did a terrible job of getting his salute. Oops.
Mercy me, we miss you.
Next up was my cousin.
We let Dane do the honors. I am so proud of how he is learning how to properly participate in this event.
He did such a good job.
Jackson was able to get his hand in the work. Note: Chaz was in the background walking him through each and every step in the process to ensure he got it perfect. He did a great job!
We miss you so much!
And then it was time for us to take over the rest. I am always amazed at the amount of unknown soldiers. Bless them.  This is the first year we made Dane do his own hauling of the wreaths. He was such the trooper.
My husband. He is something awesome. He has raised our children to have the utmost respect for the military. It isn't even a question. You respect. You thank. You understand.
Making it perfect.
My heart may explode. What you don't really see in this picture is my son is memorizing this man's name. He knows you need to say their names. He looks them up. He learns.
Sweet boys. 
I think he is trying to read but he can't read. :) Bless him. I helped him.
Beautifully peaceful.
More of the canon. Goofy kids.
Chaz didn't want to do it. Jackson talked him into it. 
And yes, I made them hike to the backside of the cemetery to get more wreaths and ensure every grave was covered.