Saturday, December 31, 2016

December// 2016

December = life is crazy, simply crazy. There is always something - a party. an event, shopping trips, things to wrap, people to see, extra everything!!! So, when I walk into PreK to pick up our little man and see him climbing their awesome rock wall, I just stop. I love to see the normal things and take a minute to watch my kiddo being a kiddo.
I think he looks like a tree frog in this one. He didn't notice I was there yet.
Made it to the top!
And he kept on going. I think you are done, buddy. There isn't anywhere else to go.

And then onto the strenuous task of making a Christmas list. Chaz was in charge of typing while his brother listed out basically everything in the Target book.
If you don't already know this is my secret talent. My children have ALWAYS slept in the car....and transferred. Yep, that was a humble brag.  They come by it honestly. I sleep in the car any chance I get.
These dogs. They drive me batty with the dried grass they bring in the house and the barking at anything that moves on the other side of the window but they love my boys something fierce. I believe the feeling is mutual.
And when your sweet friends come over and their sweet girl passes out on the couch. Loves her!
This face. Swoon. 
He loves selfies, who doesn't. He loves selfies with his mouth open. Weirdo.
And these are his serious face. Oddly enough, I can't stop laughing.
And I like to call these "crazy eyes" 
Christmas decor with a classic Christmas movie to boot! That is a good day!

Chaz decided he wanted to teach his brother about Pop Rocks. HAHAHA!!
My kiddos know they get tennis shoes twice a year, or right now they do because that is about how fast their feet are growing. Trying them on for a test drive in the store is a must!
And when you see a sweet car in the parking lot, you ask your momma to take a picture and send it to your Papa. He is so adorable!
What? You don't have sword battles on a random night with one of your BFFs??
Oh and they ALWAYS remove their shirts!
OMG, I love these two! And yes, I sent Jack's daddy a picture of him in a Cubs hat! MWAHAHA!!!
Warrior faces!!!
During the Christmas season, we almost always end up with a balloon animal at the mall. The boys love them... and you know, they last like 1/2 a day (Ugh)   Anyways, when you are walking through the mall and look over to see this, it takes your breath away a little bit! It seriously scared me!
And this is how the boy tries to convince me to purchase this for his dad for Christmas! I believe they are in cahoots.
And sometimes you do push ups when Army is playing and your buds are over for the game. *dogs are here for extra giggles*
Our annual toy drive for the Arkansas Children's Hospital was a HUGE success! My boys LOVE delivering the toys to Addison. She is a cancer survivor and hand delivers them to ACH every year! Love these kiddos so much!!!
God's paintbrush is AMAZING!!
My shopping buddy! I love when he is SUPER happy! He makes me so freakin' happy!!!
They got haircuts. I asked them to sit and look cute so I could send a picture to their dad. This is the result.  One is a complete ham and one is a cool stud. They both had me rolling and they both have my heart.
These are real life.
This is the one I sent to their dad! BAHAHA!
And then they wanted individual shots. These two.
Family movie time!! I LOVE going to the movies with the boys. They are at SUCH a fun age!
When his buddy has been at our house for many, many hours, you send a proof of life picture to his momma! I would seriously keep all the kids all the time. I love having a house full of kiddos!
They don't fail me on the silliness!
I am not sure if you are aware but forts are the most fun thing in the WORLD!!!
And he is one of the coolest kids I know!!!
And this makes him cooler.. WINNING!!!!
And sometimes you pick up the cousins and head out for some fun times!!

I am not even sure what is going on here but it makes me giggle!
Pure blur makes me smile. He was having a blast. I haven't a clue where the rest of them are!!
Wait! There is one! Sweet Campbell!
We met up with some of our other favorites, the Collisters!
Chaz decided to do the trapeze!
And these are my nine for 2016. LOVE!
My favorite tree. FAV. Pictures from the year.
Christmas decor is my fav.
Every.time. Winning! But wait, if I were actually winning, I would be sleeping too!!!
Another proof of life when watching my friend's kiddo. He is seriously one of my FAVS!!!
And this is his "I am not tired and I refuse to nap" It takes about 10 minutes of curling up and he is o.u.t.
and I am t.r.a.p.p.e.d.
And when one of your BFFs comes over to wrap presents and your AMAZING husband takes all the kids (SIX TOTAL) to the mall to ride the weird/fun ride on things. He is winning at this whole dad thing.
And now time for my favorite part! There could be some language so either ride along or jump off the train here.
Amazing... simply amazing.
This is something I would totally do... or maybe I have done it, who knows.
When your BFF leaves her beer in the fridge she gets this picture via text. Thanks for not exploding!!!
I didn't do either of these but I seriously thought long and hard about them both!
When your nephew passes clean out at dinner. O.U.T.
And when your sweet neighbor writes you a sweet note "Teresa and Ryan"
#christmasbreak #isitreallyabreak
Some seasons are worse than others.
One of my favorite elf pranks. I think we may still have some items with eyes. HAHAHA!!
According to the Dane and his friend, they have "NO IDEA" what happened to Monkey the Monkey. I later learned it was the mix of a flip and a toss with each holding an arm. Monkey the Monkey obviously lost. Thank goodness for the Meme ER, where we take all things to be mended.
When you drive a minivan and love gansta rap, your worlds collide in the form of a T-shirt.
I LOVE when the hubs sends me pictures from some of the randomness he see in houses...

Exhibit A: Right as you walk in the front door. BAM. Boobs and butts. Now THAT is how you sell your house, folks!!!
Exhibit B: The mini fridge on a little tiny chest in the space meant for a regular size fridge.
Exhibit C: A tiny little TV mounted in the weirdest spot.
I do believe I am a unicorn mom.
RIP. My kind of princess.
My motto. Always be kind. No regrets.