Saturday, October 22, 2016

Chaz Fall Baseball // 2016

So, if you remember back to September, we didn't start this baseball season like we wanted.... broken hand for our little star. BUT we believe in sportsmanship and supporting our team so we were there, even if he couldn't play.

Little brother was very confused.
But super cute.
And this was my boy. Fully dressed out and supporting his team but his big red temporary cast was not going out on the field.
I did get to spend more time with this little dude since I wasn't focused on his brother playing ball. I was actually able to take him for a snack and bathroom break whenever he asked vs figuring out where we were in the lineup before running for the quickest trip known to man.
And then I went out of town and the hubs decided to ask the ump if it was ok if Chaz could play. Insert BIG eyeroll. He had on his hard removable cast but still, he really shouldn't have been playing.  He said it was ok! WHAT?!?! Chaz called me that evening and was SO excited. I actually would have waiting to leave a day if I had known he was going to play.. or maybe not, I am not sure my momma heart could handle it.

I was back for the next game and we had another ump who said it was ok. So, I let it happen. I still can't believe I didn't protest....

But he really wanted to!
I mean, this really can't be easy. The cast is just as hard and immobile as a regular cast.
He was so happy to be playing!
Good job, son!
His buddy Blake was on his team too! Good times.
Nice work, buddy!
Nice work, boys! I was super proud!
The next several games we were told by the umps that he was not approved to play because his cast was considered a hard cast and could be dangerous to him or others in play. I get it, trust me I do. I was floored they let him play in the first place! I was a little relieved because I didn't want him to hurt himself any more than he already was but he was completely crushed, he really wanted to play.

Fast forward many weeks and an unimaginable amount of sad faces from my first born, we were up for X-rays. We got the all clear the day of the game and to say he was excited would be a MAJOR understatement. He was ready to go and went out there to show his stuff! He did so good! AND this was his first time to pitch!
And there is that grin when he knows he has done a good job, a really good job.
My handsome little dude.
There it is in full force. Seriously, I want to blow this one up HUGE and frame it! I love this face so much. I love when he is proud of himself!
I love seeing my husband coach my boy. When they are on, they are SO good together! When they are off, well we won't talk about that.
Little brother, always SO into the game. Right.
Fun team! 
Ok, you can dab. Go for it.
And run, they loved to run!
Another game, more pitching.
Sweet kid. That is the face of  3 up, 3 down.  Good job!
I can't ever get over this grin. I want my kid to learn from his mistakes and grow as an individual but I also want him to be proud of himself when he does a good job!
Get it, buddy!
Pause for the little brother effects.
And he has to tell you all about it.
Nice work!!
And the sky was just beautiful!!
This kid had an odd season. He handled it like a champ and the few games he actually got to play in, he did amazing! I am so proud of him and his attitude through the entire thing. He is such a great kiddo and I am such a proud momma.