Thursday, December 31, 2015

December // 2015

Starting with the funny!

I have many friends and some family with December bdays. I love y'all and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

We all have our days! Be real peeps.
When the hubs brings you flowers at work but the weather happens... or as you find out later, he may have left them in his car for too long. We all got a great chuckle about it!
I think this is fantastic and one day, someone is going to get it!! You have been warned.
I love when I find Ralph. Dad and Chaz made him several years ago. I randomly find him all over the playroom and send pictures to my Dad. He can't believe Ralph is still "alive."
This is what happens when your friend gets her phone stolen in Vegas but you forget and then  you quickly remember. Forgive the language but I still think it is an asshole move to steal someone's phone.
This is awesome. SO awesome. I am pretty sure the hubs would do this if I would be seen with him in public with it.

Our normal life with autocorrect. Geez.
I really hope she doesn't get mad about this but it is simply too good not to share. This beautiful family is the Hollingsworth Family.... Not the Sada Family.. Thanks for the Christmas card. Forever a fantastic memory and something I would and probably will do at some point.
When you clean out your kids closet and find they are hoarding Chiclets with their sweatbands. Where did he even get Chiclets??
You just have to laugh.
Soooo many mens... An extra storage box had to be purchased just for the big mens....and this wasn't even all of them!!!
Please tell me how one steals one of these HUGE things. How?? Just how??? And waiting on a CMS to undo the spider thingy on my Tide is just silly.
He is baaaaaack!!
As is the punch out advent calendar. I'm just going to say it, why in the world did I ever introduce all of this nonsense. I mean the kids love it but man it is a b!tch.
Pictures never do it justice but my parents house is an AMAZING winter wonderland at Christmastime!
And some days you just need to nap. Look at that belly.. I LOVE THIS!!!
And this little stinker! He is just so much fun!!
My Meme got a helicopter ride for Christmas. She was thrilled! What an awesome memory for her!!
And, as with New Year's Eve, I guess old people just love to play giant Jenga. This game got intense!
When it was my turn, I had to stand on the chair. #shortpeopleproblems.
She thought she was going to win....
Sweet girl!
When you win the spirit stick and your momma had to work... Swing in the tribe! I mean, we wouldn't be mommas if we didn't back the tribe. Love this kiddo!
Haircut time??
When you leave the dog washing hose attached in the shower, the baby has a good ol' time washing the hind end.
And anyone who knows me, knows I loathe the mall. The hubs could go any day, all day. So when I find this fun little place in the back of a shop, the kids and I are all in. I mean, everyone should be able to lasso a bull in the mall.
Success! SO fun!
When the boy and the hubs are in charge of ice cream at Jason's... WOW that is a HUGE helping! And the one on the right is for the baby!!!
And sometimes you just need to nap.
Aren't they just something.

And then my work had an AMAZING holiday party with lit as the theme. And what better time to steal my kid's "Party" light up hat?!? SO FUN! And yes, there was a selfie stick involved here!
Love me some Hillary!
And... best boss ever!!!
One more time! So fun!
And my sweet LP. Sometimes we twin. I need to grow and learn her head tilt but we still twin.
And the hubs did a GREAT job on the house this year! No lighting of the peaks, WAY too dangerous. We costed out for the pros to come but it was just stupid expensive. Ummmm, no.

And, as we do every year, we had our annual Ugly Sweater Party! Such a great time.. I mean, it is really only a good time because we are surrounded by awesome friends! Friends that arm wrestle your husband and use the push-in-the-face tactic.
And yes, a selfie stick was involved. I love that thing.
Yep, those are fuzzy Grinch pjs.
This is Chaz's robin diorama. This is also an awesome representation of a mom fail.. notice how everything is so wonderfully labeled... well, we forgot the robin. It is a ROBIN diorama and we didn't label the darn robin. It would have been a perfect score. I even helped him weave a nest out of construction paper.
Daddy and the boy had a date night to the basketball game! I believe this resulted in a trip to the gift shop based on the stuff on his lap. Just a guess.
He LOVES going to these games. Thanks for the tickets, Mr Lucas!
Hey there, Pingle!
School picture. He looks like a Gnome.
And sometimes you just get tired at Target and have to sit.
Hey there, Pingle! *hands down one of our best! He is in the jar in the fishtank!!!
Reading me the book that goes with his diorama.
Second grade performance. I wish he was a short fellow so he wasn't always in the back row and I could get better pictures!!!
Oh well, this will work! Love this kiddo!
Christmas party!
And Gaga for the ultimate win! One of my good friends lives in Shreveport and makes AMAZING cookies. Mom had them shipped to us for a special surprise!! Winner.
And this is why I have to sleep on about 1/2" of bed. Hubs, dog, child #1 and probably child #2 out of frame...
Yes, it was time. Time to go see Meme. The boy was finally ready and I was more than ready!!
So handsome and yes, he got a candy reward!
Nothing like a good night with your good buddy and some Don't Break the Ice.
They thought it was SO much fun!
And these two. They are such good friends! Lily asks for Chaz to come over and play all the time. They clearly have parties where they drink water out of wine glasses. Aren't they just precious.  Actually, their parents invited us all over for dinner one evening and we had such a blast.
And they got to watch TV in the movie room.  Or making shadow puppets.
Buncha crazy pants.
I'm not sure why Chaz got the tiny seat but it makes me giggle.
And Chloe, she is my sweetpea. I just adore this child.
And then we had a dance party in the office!!
Another day hanging out with Lily playing Domino Rally. Their favorite thing!
Must be Christmas vacation!!
Daddy survived him eating this much Ketchup. I had to sit next to/monitor/refill/clean etc but it was monumental in our family!!
He even looked at him for a brief moment.
More lazy days! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............
We lost this sweet girl this month. She was a wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt and friend to SO many. She fought something fierce but God had bigger plans for her. She was rooted in her faith and firmly believed in everything He does. She was an inspiration. She was loved. She is missed. Beautiful, Robin, we will see you again one day. Please save me a BIG hug, one of those genuine smiles and a big ol' belly laugh.
We you go through something rough, something that hits home so hard, your tribe surrounds you. Find your tribe and love them hard!
Robin makes the most amazing sunrises. This was the day after she passed. I believe she was telling us she was ok. She was not in pain and was at peace. God bless her.
This little sparky was at it for a ACH Christmas toy drive and we were here to help! With the help of our friends at JJs and so many of our personal friends and family we were able to make it a BIG success!
We took our kids shopping so they knew what it was about and who we were supporting.
And then we met for dinner with sweet Addison, her momma and her step dad to gather the toys. My good friend, Deuce, met us there too! Without his help and the help of JJ's we would not have been as successful. He has a heart of gold!!
And then Ryan and I traveled to Little Rock to help unload the goods.  Two FULL carloads.
Look at all those boxes and tubs. That giant laundry bin on the right is also full!
This really was SUCH a rewarding thing to do. Addison was so excited and ACH was so thankful to receive the toys, games, books and such! I really do appreciate everyone who donated to the cause!!
Such a rollercoaster of a month but in the end, I am blessed. What a life.

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