Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve // 2015

One of my favorite things is our cookies and a little note to Santa. This year the cookies were a little fancier than normal (last year they were burnt...normal) because my friend, who is an amazing cookie decorator, had me over for dinner and I got to come up with some cute creations!
Chaz wrote Santa a note, complete with a Santa hat and a picture with a tree and gifts.
As usual, we have to put up the barrier. It doesn't always work but at least if they wake up in the middle of the night, this will deter them from walking through the house!!
Or not. This one escaped because he was so excited. At least it wasn't too early, the sun was rising.
This was the "can I PLEASE go get brother?!?!"
Santa got a taste of the goodies and left a little snow along the way.
Snow, snow everywhere!!!
Yes, I finally let him go get his brother. They were both SO excited!!
I had to break it into a few videos due to size. Enjoy the excitement of "Christmas" morning at our house!!!
My scream was because I got a new rug for the living room! SO happy!!
Anything Avengers and he is in LOVE!!

I love to see him helping his little brother. LOVE.

Don't worry, they got treats too!

Bike ramps were a hit!!
Oh the love!
I loved the surprise face!
This hair. So much mess!
He helped open the puppy treats!
Yes, Daddy got some presents too!!
Cute little baby face!!
This was the solid guarantee there would be ZERO snow for Winter 2015-2016.
Pie in the Face.. This was winner. Who knew?!?!

These quickly became his favorites! Of course they are, they are neon!
What a mess!!!
Hugs to brother!
Then he had to play on his brothers little Pogo stick. Who knew they even made these?!? So stinking fun!
Stockings = CANDY!!
What is better than bubble wrap? GIANT packing bubbles!!
This cracks me up!!
After showers, he decided he wanted to be naked and play on his table. This kid is so goofy!!
Before we even got to Gaga and Papa's house. Zonked.
But as soon as we got there he was pumped to bake some special cookies with his Gaga.
Ahhhh, I love being able to be home at Christmas. I can't imagine being away from our families this time of year! We are so blessed to have them close!
And then it was time for a yummy dinner and hanging with the family.
My non-teenager who is totally a teenager.
Teaching his Papa all about his Power Rangers!
Resting time.
And he finally got to play some pool.
I adore these two!
And I love to randomly look over and see the little guy's Power Rangers all set up!
Then it was time to open their Christmas pjs. Seriously, one of my favorite traditions!
Yep, I totally dressed them like elves this year!! And he decided to act like a complete dork.
And he was running around like a mad man. We put the crazies to bed in the other room with their new Christmas movie.
And then we put up the fun tree. The one where we put all of our ornaments from years past. And yes, we all put on our matching pjs as well!!
This is what happens when someone else gets a hold of your camera. Debauchery.
And then we began putting on the crazy ornaments.
The hubs gets a good giggle out of some of our ornaments.
Love these peeps.
And these two! Priceless.
The men.
My brother being a goofball.
The ladies.
It was so pretty once it was complete. I love this tree and all of the memories it holds.
The big one was out but the baby was still hanging on. Go to sleep! Don't you know Santa comes tomorrow?!?!?
Tomorrow will be epic..... go to sleep, little ones.

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