Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas // 2015

It really is my favorite time of the year! I love all the time I get to spend with our family... all of them!!!
We spend Christmas morning at my parents and it has become the most exciting time. I love to see them walk into the same room I did when I was little! It kills me!!
This is ALL they talked about.. THE Ultimate garage. And hearing it come out of my sweet little 4 year old's mouth in his little voice is precious. They were pumped. And Chaz was very disappointed when we told him he couldn't pogo in the house. Ummmmm no.
Explaining EVERYTHING. He is a talker.
This is the face of "Gaga is about to give in... she is going to let me pogo!!"
He knows her so well!
They were pretty pumped!
I am pretty sure this took him back to being a kiddo too!
Stocking and card time! He wasn't so sure about the card thing but it is tradition!!
And Uncle Shane in for the win! He convinced him to open something!
And play with the Ultimate Garage. Of course my brother was like "Ummmm, we didn't have this kinda stuff when we were little!!"  I know, right?!?!
Again, explaining something. Always talking. Always.
They are buds. Such sweetness!
They are such big fans of this dude!
Sadly, they have no idea they will lose...every.time. I lived this life, little ones.  He has no mercy.
Merry Christmas, he is all mine!!
Present time!
This face!
The excitement in the room was something else. So much fun!!
Chaz is always so sweet about wanting to give presents and watch people open them He gets it! His GaGa is one he is VERY specific about. They have such a precious little love!
He loves her but is quick to help her when she is too slow. HA!
Back to presents for him!
And he wanted to make sure Papa got his! I am pretty sure he is opening it for him!
I do believe his hair is getting worse as the morning progresses.

Smartwatch! His excitement isn't showing but I promise it is there!
Saggy butt. Precious.
And then it was time to play!
I loves him.

I mean, can you even?!?!?!

And the last present under the tree, PINGLE! Dane was so confused and happy and excited at the same time. "I can touch him?!?!"
After cleanup and breakfast pizza, the rest of the family came over for celebration and a gift exchange. So much fun. I mean, anytime is fun with this spunky little red-head!
That is not how it works buddy.
Again with the face! He hasn't a clue what is in this box. Hilarious freaking kid!
But it was cool so the face was certainly warranted!
Kelsey's turn!
And Meme's turn! Love this sweet little thang!
And I love him so much! Even if he won't be normal in a picture for me!
But he will snuggle with me.
Sweet Mark. It pains me that I am so far behind on my blog (over a year) and you are now no longer with us but I couldn't stand to just remove you from this post. You were there with us and it was a good day! You are forever missed, my friend!
Lisa looking a wee bit confused. I'm not sure why but it makes me laugh!
Uncle Gayle.
Bettye was certainly surprised with whatever was in her box!
And my Momma got a BEAUTIFUL new wreath! Love it!
Aunt Sandra got some things for cooking because she is an AMAZING cook.
And there is the evil eye to my Momma of "why did you get me two things" HAHAHA!
We are mostly practical people in this family so when someone wants a new cool trash can, they get it!
She is just something so special... and yes, that is ribbon around her neck.
What in the world?!?!
That would be new lights for her hair cutting station. This was the fab idea of the hubs. She loved them... they were BRIGHT! Mom looks like she is holding a light saber. Not sure what the hubs is doing! HAHA!
After a few more hugs, laughs and Merry Christmases, we were off to the Hill's for the second round of Christmas. The boys were very excited to bring along Pie in the Face. And obviously the cousins jumped right on board. Cheers to it being warm outside so this mess wasn't in my MILs house. I am pretty sure I would have been on the naughty list for that one.

We decided the most fair way, since there were too many kiddos to actually play by the rules was to do it oldest to youngest. Fair enough.

This face is absolutely hilarious to me!
As is this one! HAHAHAHA!
Obviously, they got to keep going until it actually smacked them in the face! But they still had to take turns!
Chaz was obviously the last to get smacked (Dane and Davis wanted none of this BTW)
FINALLY! The laughter was contagious! I love these kiddos so much!
Then it was time to come inside and let the chaos begin! I had to take a picture of Mah's pretty tree and presents before the madness!
And then it was on!
The excitement over baseball bags was comical. I love these boys!
And Aunt EA. Oh how we love this woman!
The little man was so calm and patient. Just sitting and opening whatever the older cousins brought his way!
Same with Davis. These littles are so taken care of by the bigs. It is precious!
I feel ya, buddy. It has been a loooooong day!
The girls... and Dane.
And then I found this monkey in the bathroom... I won't tell you how much soap he used! HAHAHA!
He got a special bag to carry his mens. Yes, he got more mens.
I love how they slowly slouched down to see what Brandon was doing.

And these two knuckleheads...
And then the kiddos started a new tradition by singing a special 12 Days of Christmas written a few years ago by Cameron and Marcy. It is fantastic and totally adjusted to the Hills. We all know the kiddos like to sing it because of the "5 Dammit Jim!!" line they are approved to say only while singing this tune.

There it is..
I don't even know what this look is about but it makes me laugh. This entire family makes me laugh!
I don't even remember what they were doing here. I am sure it was a skit/dance/song. I remember this when I was little. All my cousins would go in the back room, come up with something god awful that we thought was Oscar/Tony worthy and then go into the kitchen/living room where the adults were enjoying some nice, quiet adult time and interrupt with "Ok, ok.. you MUST watch us now! EVERYBODY pay attention!!"  Paybacks are hell but at least they are cute!! 
What the heck is my BIL doing in the background with a Swiffer? Is that suppose to be the boom mic?!?!
I love them all!
And then this happened...
He is happy. That is all that matters, right?!?
And someone did Campbell's hair. Whatever works!!
I LOVE this time of the year! I hate that I am so tragically behind on the blog (over a year makes me want to cry) but I will, eventually, get caught up! I do love reliving these memories even if they were 13 months ago!  Merry 2015 Christmas, y'all! C'mon, that was funny!

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