Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving // 2015

Like most people, I LOVE the holidays!! I love all of it but especially the downtime with my loved ones. The weather was crazy unseasonably warm. He told me he was hot!
I couldn't believe we were outside enjoying this beautiful weather on Thanksgiving Day!
He told me he was a "BIG daredevil!"  I am not sure what else he was telling me but I love that I caught his crazy mannerisms in pictures. This is how he talks, all the time.
His brother waited patiently as the little showed off.
And then he tried to show some moves of his own!
Seriously LOVE his facial expressions!!!
He was showing me he could jump. So good!
Once the cousins showed up it was time for fun in the tree house. Crazy cuties!
Thank goodness for my cousin who actually went around and took pictures inside while I was out with the kiddos.

My sweetest little Meme!
Daddy and his brother are always the carvers.
We have quite the crew!
 And after lunch, it was time for my annual nap. This is a MUST for me and another favorite part of the holiday season. Sidney decided to curl up with me. Loves her!
And this was after we headed to the in-laws but still so good that I had to post this. Love the crazy ladies!!
This was also after we had already left but super cute!
My brother and Lisa stayed the weekend with her daughter, son-in-law and grand kids. We decided to take the littles to the Amazeum. Amelia and Dane are sweet little buddies. Look how cute they are holding hands!
My brother snapped this amazing picture. I still have it on my phone because it makes me laugh so hard!! I have no idea why he is scowling!
Chaz was super excited for the dinosaur exhibit!
He literally walked around to each of these and asked me to take his picture.
Dane was an expert at showing Gaga and Uncle Shane how to work the checkout.
His favorite part, making the cones.
And picking apples.
and collecting eggs.
He was not happy that this kid picked his carrots.. I had to explain to him that the Amazeum was NOT his. That was fun.
He was SO mad... there were no eggs. I didn't mention that his brother had already collected them. That would not have gone over well.
No fear. Zero fear at all.
He wanted to take it home. Ummmm, no.
Digging for bones.
And Chaz's absolute favorite thing, the film strip.
 This was the first time he ever hung it on the wall! I refused to take another piece of paper home with me. He is SUCH the hoarder.

 He was so proud
So fun! Always so fun!!
Chaz and I hung out at this thing forever. I think we must have made 50 combinations. It was a lot of fun!!
And we ended with a piggy back from Uncle Shane. It was a great time!
We headed back to Mom and Dad's for some more family time.
I love this face. She is such the doll!
Dane crawled up with Papa to read a book. These two. Swoon.
 It wasn't until I got to the front of them to realize it was actually not a book but Dane pointing out what he wanted from the Walmart Christmas book. Nice work, kid.
And Papa's lap is big enough for another. So cute.
Football must be on TV.
Done with me.
The next morning there were some hard decisions to be made. Look at that precious face.
Chaz broke out one of my puzzles from when I was a kid. Look at that face and that hair!!
And then we came home to this.. She had already eaten a hole in the couch, hence the slip cover... but now she ate her bed?!?!? Yes, dog shaming was necessary. Damn dog.

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