Monday, November 30, 2015

November // 2015

My favorite posts to do right now are probably the monthly posts. I am so behind (yes, it is actually Fall 2016 as I write this) The random ones make me remember some fun things that have happened over the last year or so. I love the "event" posts of birthdays, holidays, school events, etc but I really, really love the random. It is so my life and so fun to see.

Speaking of fun, This night was so much fun. Just some of us girls from the mountain (and some random people we don't know) painting trees. Happy trees.

 In progress...
 My tress are fat.
 You may remember my cow from last year. I have grown to love him!!!
So much fun!!
Chaz attended a birthday party with some of his best friends. He came home and told me he went snipe hunting. Well played, Davenport parents. Well played.
Sweet buddies playing on Daddy's computer.
Quite a few of Chaz's friends from the neighborhood are on the same football team. So, when they ask us to come out and support, we show up. #stonemountainrocks #ourneighborhoodisawesome.
Congrats to all the kiddos!
I honestly have no clue. None whatsoever. But it sure makes me giggle.
Dentist time. He has no clue how to play the game but is all about it. He looks so little here!
Probably not our best visit. He was a little nervous but he did ok. No cavities!!
Family movie night!
Sunset on the mountain. No filter.
The kids found some play glasses we had from a birthday party. Goobers.
Crazy pants.
Helping Gaga figure out what he "needs" for Christmas.
My dad brought home these capes from a business trip. The kids thought they were the best thing ever. Who knew?!?!
And the things I find on my phone. This kid.
I had to. My dad and hubs bought so many green beans, it required a special box. Luckily for their bellies, the beans were for the dogs.
Another fun night with my ladies! NWA boutique show. I LOVE this night! And yes, I am wearing ski goggles.
I do purchase things but usually for myself or the house. The majority of kid things are for girls. The hubs is happy about this because it saves him money! I thought this bow was just ridiculous. I mean if it is this big on my head, how big would it look on a kid. I was dying!!!
Such good people and fun times. We were great at a group shot!
Sweet pup. Wait, why are you in my bed? Why do you have the kiddo's blanket?!?!
It is really hard to tell but this is what happens when they rub rock dust all over their faces at school. Ugh. Yes, rock dust. I didn't even know that was a thing!
When you look out your bedroom window to see the boys crawling on a trailer next door and using a zipline.... and then Miles (the kid in the green) takes off, hits the end and lands straight on his back. I'm pretty sure I hit Olympic speeds trying to get to him. Good news, he was ok. Bad news, they got caught by a momma!
Guess what else I do in November? Yep, falalala!!! This makes me so happy! The other thing that is awesome is Joe Dirt is always on TV while I put up Christmas. It is glorious!!
Hog tree! He was in awe!
I LOVE when the only light in the room is my tree, mantle and village. I could sit here all day!!
And then when there is football and holiday shopping!!
Probably my favorite tree every year! My white tree. It has black and white pictures of family and friends from over the past year. LOVE!!!
Unfortunately, my mother-in-law fell very ill in November but fortunately, I refused to have her come home and NOT have her tree up. She loves the holidays just as much as me! I had a few helpers with the hubs and the boy!
Ninja moves?? Hmmmm.
We celebrated Turner's birthday with some fun rock climbing at Lewis and Clark!
Chaz stayed the night at Turner's that night so we woke up that Saturday morning with just one... but a crazy one!!
And I may have found some wizard staffs in my front yard..... don't ask questions. HAHAHA!
This kid and his obstacle courses. This is out of control!!
He actually loves when Stone sits on him. Goofball dog.
"The Worm" tryouts. I mean, what do you do before bed?!?!
This is the face of a boy who is really excited because he got his own box with his name on it. You see, Papa made one for Chaz years ago and he has wanted one ever since. BIG grins!!
Probably one of the craziest Bunco nights on the books. Yes, crazy. I promise, it can get a little crazy.
Told ya. That would be a MAJOR cake fight. It was a mess. Hence why my hair is pulled up on top of my head in the last picture.
They seriously attacked me but I still love them so very much!!
Such a great group of ladies!!
And I chopped some major hair!
And made it super dark. LOVE!!
This is what happens when Papa builds new shelves for his workshop.
Sometimes when brother is away, we take the baby to eat places the boy refuses. Newks for the win!
Sometimes they are just so sweet. Look at Chaz's arm wrapped around Dane's little legs. Precious.
Sometimes you have to bring the baby and his mens along when you refinance the house. He was super good!
You know what the Hills do when they have a day off.... SDC!!! Love us some Silver Dollar City! This day Jackson tagged along. Good times!
This is when you know they had a good time. McDs on the way home!
Are you ready for the funnies? Remember, if you are going to be offended by language or off color humor, move along to the next post. I will still love you!!

When searching for throw back pictures and you find this beauty, we have to share. Me, Thanksgiving, veggie tray, mouth full, turtle neck, AMAZING scarf thingy and that hair! What a gem of a photo!
I laughed for days on this one.
I still remember you!
When this happens AND you spot your BIL on TV. I am pretty sure he was about to shi!t his pants! We rewound and paused this so many times to get the perfect shot. Go Hogs!!
To all my ladies. Tuck it back on in, girlfriend!!
I wish I could remember what this one was about. Clearly the hubs went above and beyond!
When the wind carries all the trashcans to the end of the street! WHAT?!?!
With the exception of the boy, this is our family in the morning. Please don't speak before 830am.
C'mon. It is funny. REALLY funny!
Can I trade a dog for this cute thing?!?!
The true definition of hangry.. I have this "condition"
*or beer
Speaking of, this was a night of blogging. When it is cold-- I hibernate, drink and blog. Maybe I will actually catch up this winter?!?!
Yes, sir!!
THIS. Just this. Enjoy your friends and family. THEY are what is important!
My tribe. I love my people.
There are just some days.
Another I laughed for days. Literally, DAYS!
Love this one!
Kids. So good! Thanks, Isabella!
Don't judge.

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