Sunday, November 22, 2015

Elli's 7th Birthday // 2015

This sweet girl came into our lives about 4 years ago and completely stole my heart from day one. She is as spunky as that beautiful hair of hers! She is so fun, sweet and precious. We love Elli and so excited to share her 7th birthday with her!
The entire neighborhood came out to celebrate this sweet little girl. The kiddos were so excited!! It was probably amped up by a sugar high as well!!!
Look at all those precious little kiddos. This makes my heart explode!!
Clearly we were loud if Elli was plugging her ears!
Sneaky little sister!!
No problem. We lit them again and went for it again.
And Taylor had to help again. Check out Dane's face, he is so proud of Taylor for doing what the younger sibling should do! Adorable.
Blair seems a bit unimpressed.
I believe they were having a blast!!
The gang is all here, not that I can get them all to look at once but whatever!!!
Present time!!
Crazy kid!
This sure made me giggle! Goofy kiddos!
He has an uncanny resemblance to Johnny from Karate Kid. HA!!
And the crew! These kiddos make me SO happy!!

Not sure what Mr Justin is doing here but it is making the kiddos happy!
And then we found the kiddos playing beauty parlor in the girls' room. I am trying not to laugh and promise to only use the for blackmail a few times. *wink wink*
Happy birthday, sweet Elli! I hope you had the best birthday ever! We love you, sweet girl!!

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