Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Taylor turns 5! // 2015

And then it was time to celebrate this little lady turning 5. FIVE! I cannot believe she is FIVE. She was all of a year old when we first met. Her sass is strong, she loves her momma, has awesome hair, hands down one of the cutest voices ever, still believes Dane is her baby and she needs to care for him (he was 4 months old when they met) and loves to pose for my camera (which makes me happy)
I love that her momma does a pumpkin painting party. One year, I am totally going to steal this for Dane's birthday! I mean, you can't have too many hand-painted pumpkins, right??
And the kids LOVE it. Removal of shirts isn't required but it is recommended and makes for precious pictures!
Pure sweetness!
I am always so shocked how all of them do not turn out brown. The kiddos really just mix the colors and hope for the best.
The concentration. The tongue.

Birthday girl was having a blast!
This level of silence at a birthday party is unheard of! They were all concentrating so hard!
Mass amounts of preciousness right there!!
And then it was time for the cake!
Miles' face in this one just kills me. Hilarious!!
This face. Oh, AJ! You are seriously one of my favs!
Why wouldn't you end with an old fashion silly string fight??

Present time! She doesn't look very excited but she is!
Every girl needs a fur vest! Every.girl!
Seriously adore this child! Happy 5th birthday, sweet girl! Now stop growing so fast!!!

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