Saturday, October 10, 2015

Stone Mountain Fall Festival // 2015

On the mountain, we know how to throw a party! Some are for the adults, some are for the kiddos and some are for both! The Fall Festival is a fantastic family event that we have managed to pull off for two years. Hopefully, this will remain an annual event as it is so much fun!!

We have activities for all the kiddos. We have them for the little littles, littles and the bigs!
The parents get involved as well, which is fantastic!
There are games and crafts for all ages.
These goofballs aren't all very cooperative with my camera clicking. Thanks for the goofy faces, y'all!
Seriously guys? Just once?? Please just smile and be your cute selves.
Sweet girl!!
The corn pit was a hit! Dave may not have liked what it did to his yard but maybe these pictures will remind him of how much fun the little kids had!!!
Sack races! So much fun but next year, I vote the adults get to do it!
And, as always, the impromptu game of football!
More pumpkin painting!
And the hit of the day... donuts. Everyone LOVES donuts but they really love races with donuts. Why not??!?
Some decided to just be spectators.
I'm dying!! We MUST do this again this year. And yes, that is a tape measure holding the donuts!
A few of the littlers wanted to get in on the fun after the rapid older kids had dispersed!

Proud and happy face! Love some Jack!
Back to the crafts.
And the corn...
And we have pizza. It isn't really a Stone Mountain party without pizza!
A better look at the crazy! There were a TON of people!!
Nice work, Ella!!
I told you the parents get in on the fun! HA!
And the boys. Still going at it and being nutty!
Sweet Lil!
Yes, it is getting dark but the kiddos don't care! I am not 100% sure what this is about but it looks like a spa day to me!
And the mommas. Not all the mommas but some of them! Maybe next year we will get a full picture!
Ahhhh, peace. All is right in the world on a day like this. I love our friends. I love our family. I love our  mountain!!

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