Saturday, October 31, 2015

October // 2015

Get ready!! Random October is coming at you!!!

She is so pretty. Seriously, so pretty!!
This kid is just a big goofball. I am not sure why he insists on sitting ON his train table!
We took some timeout to carve our pumpkins. I am fairly certain we didn't get around to this last year.
He was pretty pumped.
And then thought it was super gross.
But he did it anyway. I was very surprised.
This kid wasn't really having it.
And guess who they got to clean out the pumpkins? Yep, yours truly. I am really a master cleaner-outer.
He decided it was just more fun to play!
We had a plan. I won't say we executed it well but we had a plan.
At this point, the plan had already ran off the rails and Chaz was just playing with the Dremel.
Yes, we brought out the drill.
And Sharpies.
I brought out the paints. I love to paint pumpkins. SO fun!!
Thanks hubs..
He was a HUGE mess. HUGE.
Stickers and paint. Who cares what it really looks like, he was having so much fun!
My little sparkle of joy!
Dane's hot mess!
Pure sweetness. He isn't a good sleeper so when he is sacked out, I tend to snap a picture.
She likes to "help" me nap.
And the Hills are off to a wedding. I am pretty sure we have never ALL been to a wedding. Exciting but a little nervous. The wedding was at the Botanical Gardens so I knew there would be some fun activities to hold their attention!
This guy was SO excited to go to the wedding. He is SUCH a handsome date.
Getting a good view.
They had bocce ball. He LOVES bocce ball.
And the baby loved some baggo.
The baggo boards were adorable. Sillouttes and custom bags!
The other one was Arkansas.
We got to play in the gardens too. It was fun!
Oh how I LOVE these two!
He really wanted a picture!
Sweet brothers!
The barn. One of their favs even though you can't really even see their faces!
My other adorable date!
Another fav!
Chaz even helped this guy move a table. He is such a good kid!
He wanted me to take his picture with the water pump. Goober.
This is seriously the best picture I got of the two of them. What the heck!
So much fun! Such awesome dates + the hubs!
And then this one time the kiddo stole my phone and started taking random shots.
And even made his very own picture collage. Masterpiece.
The hubs and I actually got a date night!
My dad and mom took Chaz fishing during his intersession week from school. These two are just two peas in a pod.
I'm going to have to say the bike he has at my parent's house is officially too small. He calls it his "trick bike" HAHAHA!
He took a Lego in case there was a rainy day. Looks like Papa was the one who ended up doing it. Sorry, popsicle.
I sent them this picture so they could see the baby was making it just ok without big brother.
I may or may not have put on my friend's six year old's fur vest. Cute, huh?!?
This is normal Dane.
Sometimes the hubs falls asleep on the outside couch ON the dog.
My talent.
And then one night I notice a trail of water through my house. This could only mean one thing, Macadoodle. BUT I hadn't let him in.. All of the sudden, he comes around the corner! What??!? Somehow he got in my backyard and apparently came inside and took several drinks from the toilet before he was discovered.
And then this happened. We had some friends over for cards one night and the baby did this. Hilarious.
When Chaz came home from a week with Gaga and Papa, his brother proved he might have missed him just a little.
Which required a family movie night, complete with baby toes and lots of cuddles!
And then maybe one of the scariest moments as a mom I have had to date.... I received a call from the school that Chaz was running in PE and all of the sudden he came to a complete stop, turned white and said his "heart hurt"  His heartbeat was crazy fast (expected since he was running) and his blood pressure was out of wack. Needless to say, we were off to the doc..ASAP. The doc decided to send us over to the diagnostic clinic to get some testing done....on his little heart.
He thought it was pretty cool. I was a ball of nerves. They didn't call us back until the next day with the results and I was scared to death the entire time. In the end, everything is ok! He is fine! I am so blessed to have a school who cares for him like they do! The day after we got the results, the PE coaches, nurse, office personnel, teachers, etc all came to ask me about my sweet boy. He is so loved. Now, how about we NOT do that again.
Now back to the more fun stuff. This guy was outside Dane's school for a month. He asked for his picture many times...but he usually asked when we weren't even at the school.. So this day, I took a bunch for him.
He was giving me instructions on how to take the perfect picture but he wouldn't stop moving!
We have an awesome neighborhood, in case you haven't heard! I received this picture from one of my momma friends while taking the boys out for some fun times.
The hubs bought the dogs costumes.. Yep, that happened!
She is over it.
Nothing like a warm bed, cartoons and a baby at your feet. Bliss.
I LOVE that he still snuggles with me. I will take it anytime. LOVE!
And one of the most animated face you have ever seen. This is him showing me how he can "pop" his eyebrows. Precious little dude.
One day Hayes will be in the circus. Guarantee.
I love these littles. AJ and Jack are some of Dane's BFFs. They are so sweet watching a movie.
Have you been to Buffalo Wild Wings on Sunday?? Well, you are missing out. $1.99 kids meals, free use of tablets (don't judge) and good food to soak up the night before... winning.
I had these two guys one evening and to say they were fun is a total understatement. You can tell my be the pictures that they are silly and moving. Hello blur!
They hid under Dane's bed for a long time... helmet and all. Hilarious!
Jack thought it was hilarious to tickle me. If you know me, I HATE being tickled but I love Jack.
So cute, so fun!
Favorite things of Fall? Trees changing colors and riding with the windows open and a cool breeze. Happy Fall, y'all!!
How else would you carry your balloon swords??
This face!!
You know what else happened this month?? We celebrated the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future.
 And a related funny I found.

Well, work decided to turn up the dial. Phone a friend for some floral pants and a denim vest, check! Curl and tease up the hair, check! Get some crazy 1980's style high tops from your boss, check!
 Awesome office decor, check!
Yummy and cool cookies from the boss lady, check!
Punny things left and right, check!
SUCH a fun day!!
 Have I mentioned this kid never sleeps? Apparently my bed is the place for this to happen!
And this one in the car... Notice the cute little Jackson face. He thought this was a riot.
The boys, playing their card games.
Sunset on the Mountain. AMAZING!!!
These two were back on my watch and crazy as ever. I will never admit to the number of suckers consumed this evening... NEVER.
Yes, they shot me... a lot!!
Love these buddies. SUCH a fun evening with my friends!
So if you are following, he told jack to scratch his stomach if he did something wrong.. and then when he made Jack mad, he scratched his stomach.... Ummmm.
I just think this is hilarious. I don't watch Lord of the Rings but I have been told he looks like a character from the movie....
Maybe they are talking about this creepy ass dude?? BAHAHAHAHA!
Fun lunch date!
And for your viewing pleasure, I present the Kind of HipHop dancing.....DANE HILL! He wants to show you all the 'moobes' *note, the video was being weird so I had to split it into two. Sorry!*

And now I am afraid Hayes is trying to recruit Chaz to the circus. These two are a riot.
 When I come out of the shower to find this, my heart kinda explodes. Love them!
Car wash fun. Chaz loves the smell! I can't really blame him, I love it too.
When your friend's GIANT black dog gets out, you have to take a picture because of his MASSIVE size... then you try to corral him back into the yard... THAT was fun!
I hate to cook. Wait, let me make sure it is clear I loathe cooking. Loathe. BUT I have always wanted to make manicotti as it is one of my favorite dishes. Hubs says I knocked this one out of the park.
The kids have already started circling things in magazines for their Christmas lists. This is a nightly thing.
Random picture the hubs sent me when dropping Dane at school.
So jealous, the hubs was able to attend a field trip with the baby.
Pumpkin patch!!
And now for the funnies! If you can't handle a little language and possible messed up humor, just continue to the next post. I will still love ya!

Does this look legit to you? I mean, I see these running stickers all the time. Mine should say 0.0, so I am not judging but this one just looks off. I had a good little chuckle.
So, when your kiddo is bad, he looses his iPad... this time it was SO bad, I took it for a month. Yep, a FULL month. He was able to "earn days" if he was beyond good. Please, thank you, yes ma'am, regular chores, etc did not count. I was dead serious. He did it. It was tough, for ALL of us.
So when planning for the little guy's birthday party, this was my list. Fairly normal. Plates, napkins, invitations, gift from Chaz,, candy, etc... so why do I post this?? Well, that "need #3" is in reference to the candle..... He turned FOUR this year. #momoftheyear
Yes. This.
I firmly believe the Devil made playdoh, bubbles, dried grass and Common Core math. Pure hell.
I love the from the hubs like this. This kid has such the personality.
And then this.. I am the blue. I literally found a bottle of tequila in my yard.
So bad. SO bad.
Try not to laugh, dare you!
I decided to be a GOOD friend and search for some Halloween costumes for one of my favs who is pregnant. I think this makes me an awesome friend... or maybe just a friend with a good sense of humor and a little time on her hands. Needless to say, she didn't pick any of my options.
This one got me. Serious dollface.
And how stinkin' cute is this one!
This may be one of the best text rolls I have EVER seen!! EVER.
Ah-mazing. I am going to need to up my game.
At least once a week.
This is great and may be adopted at my house.
Wait for it.. Wait for it... There you go! Hilarious!
When you order your sweet friend and gift and mess up the name. Do you know what this does to my OCD?? How in the hell did I even do this??!?!
 I even used this FB post as a reference. Clearly, I wasn't paying attention.
Good news, the company felt so bad for me being such a HUGE moron, they made me a new one. One with the RIGHT spelling! FOR FREE!!!!

I may have sent this to SEVERAL of my girlfriends.

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