Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fall ball // Chaz // 2015

This guy loves him some baseball. Fall ball is a little different than Spring ball -- there are not as many games, park is MUCH further from our house, there are not as many friends in the league because it is in Springdale vs Fayetteville and we usually don't have as successful as a season in Fall ball.... BUT, he loves it AND because their aren't as many friends, Momma gets to watch the game a little and take less pictures as I am usually in charge of taking pictures of ALL the kiddos. I love it but it is a daunting task. This season I was able to focus on Chaz and Jackson.
And this year his cousin Jackson is on our team so the little brothers get to play before and during the game. Cuteness.
And then it is time to get our game face on. The hubs was the coach, again. He really does love to coach these kiddos.
Is it ok for me to still call my 8 year-old baseball player adorable?? I mean, he is adorable!!!
Jackson is pretty adorable too. Don't tell them I said that! HA!
Sweaty mess.

It must be the amount of hair on Chaz because Jackson isn't near as sweaty!!
Cousin time.. i.e. iPhone time.
He may or may not have dropped his daddy's phone right after this picture was taken. Good news is, the hubs' phone is ALWAYS broken so this isn't anything new... and it give the excuse to FINALLY get it fixed. Good job, Dane!
He loves playing catcher except when it is hot. I can't imagine how hot he is under all of that gear. He is a great catcher!
And the get-along gang is still at it!
Jackson got a base hit! Nice work!
Slow down, speed demon.
Yes, I brought BOTH the LeapPads to this game. I am getting smarter :)
Love these boys!
And there is this lady. How would I we get through life without her? She is so fun!
Jackson. Yes, I can tell by their stance.
He may have brought his sword to the game. Goofy kid.
Nice hit, Chaz!!
I mean.. they could melt anybody's heart!!
So tough being the coach's son. They are like oil and water but both have the best of intentions. Ryan was getting on to Chaz and Chaz was explaining what he did. Ugh.
Love this kid!!
Nice hit from Jackson with a little leap at the end.
He is SUCH a great coach. He cares so much about all these kiddos! He loves ALL the kids - our team and the other teams. We literally get compliments from parents/grandparents every year because of his love for the game and ALL the kiddos.
When we do great, we run (aka, race the coach!)
That hair, the loss of teeth, that grin... I love every bit of him!

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