Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September // 2015

Time for September randomness!!

Did you know September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month?! Yep, sure enough. You probably noticed lots of friend's FB profile pictures turned gold or had a banner at the bottom. No coincidence here. So many people know and love a child who has or is suffering from cancer.

This is Addison. She is a year older than Chaz. Her momma and I have been friends for about 20 years. She is a light, a blessing and a fighter!!
This is Jimi. He is Dane's age. He is a pretty awesome kiddo. I have known his family since I was a kiddo.
This was actually my profile picture from September 2014 but I wanted to show it again. Because lives are FOREVER changed by this evil disease. 

Jimi is there on the left as this was the year of his diagnosis. He is ALL CLEAR now!!!

Will is in the middle. He was my buddy growing up. Unfortunately, he gained his angel wings. There are so many days that I think about Will. Especially, now that I have two kiddos of my own. Lives are forever changed.

Amelia is on the left. I have known her folks since college. They are fantastic people who have been through hell and back. I am happy to report she is doing well. #gogold #findadamncure

I switch quickly on you during the randomness posts and this one is no different. Looks at this crazy kid. What a blessing!
The hubs bought a washer and dryer. Did we need a washer and dryer, no. Did he buy it from someone in order to sell it, yep. Did he put it in the garage for a few days of storage, yep. Did the kiddos find the tubing and decide to use it to communicate, yep. Goobers.
The face of a pup who is not happy that you happened to find the old cat Halloween costumes when cleaning.
The things that happen at a Hill dinner. You know who cannot do this? Yep, this girl.
Check up time!
The golf cart is a hit. Ok, ok. I will admit it. I was..... whatever, nevermind. It was a hunk of junk. It is now clean and looking good. That is what I will admit. :)
This. This is what my THREE year-old ate for dinner. Straight cleaned it up!
This is a BOY house. There are some things I can control and some things I just chose to film.

We really do love it. So much that we may take it from time to time and send Daddy selfies.
This is what my garage looks like almost daily. Thank goodness for buckets!
Sweet boy! I am not even sure what this is about but he is adorable.
Oh yeah, I was trying to take a picture of my fall look and he decided to crash it.
A few last days for swimming and cookies. Must be at the grandparents house!
So much fun! I am so blessed to have this awesome place to relax, play and enjoy my family.
My special talent is evergreen.
"Momma, you wanna play Paw Patrol?"  Ummmm, duh.
"How about this? Will you play this with me??!"  Ummmmm, duh.
My evenings are awesome. He thinks he is taking my picture!
I got to keep these two littles while their momma was out of time. We had a GREAT day!
Yes, I kept the baby home from school so he could play too!
Beckett wanting nothing to do with Ethan's hugs.
But I did manage to catch this preciousness. Pay no attention to the mess in the background. It wasn't our focus of the day!
I love that they played so well together! I mean, three 5 and under boys is kinda a dangerous recipe.
I did have this guy around. He and Beckett have a MAJOR bromance going on.
Dane handcuffing Ethan. BAHAHAHA!!!
and then he handcuffed himself. I am not sure this is going to work out for him.
Beckett in the balls!! Loves him!
And fixing a little lunch!
I love that they are so happy in our house and playing with my kiddo.
SO fun!
Yep, I wore them out! They ALL took naps!
Oh happy day with my favorite Collister boys and a side of Dane!
Tailgating with the cousin!
Our neighborhood is simply fantastic. This is what it looks like for blocks and blocks on September 11th. #neverforget #alwaysremember
You have seen my HILL sign, this is my new one for the back porch. In this house we call the hogs!
Neighborhood fun! Love these little dudes!
Cousin sleepover. I just love the friendship these two have!
Couldn't help it. That bum.
You know what this means??  Yep, baseball season has started. There goes my healthy eating and early nights :(
He wanted to show me his jumping jacks on the way to the game. Don't judge. He is precious even though he believes this is a jumping jack.
I love this baby. He is telling me all about his brother playing ball and asking when he gets to play ball. Poor kiddos, all he wants to do is play..... buuuuuuuuttttt he is tiny (the tee is probably taller than him) and he is only three.
And this is how we roll out!!
My new favorite baseball shirt!!! Thanks, Michelle!!!

He was so excited to get back to playing ball!!
The pictures I get from this kiddos daddy are a riot. He usually takes him to school so he get the last look before he heads into the classroom. This face KILLS me!
He will kill me for this. It will happen one day. He is SERIOUSLY going to hate me. I may or may not put this in his senior year book!
Like brother, like brother. Look at those cheeks!
He looks like a little angel. Don't all sleeping babies look like angels?? We won't talk about how he is before 9am.
More hair cutting. He needed it. Trust me! AND unfortunately this was pretty much the worst haircut ever... Nobody was happy.
The hubs showing me that he knows the words to TeenWitch. If you have never seen it, don't bother. Seriously, don't waste your time. It is terrible!!
I love having my helper with me on grocery shopping day! Sometimes he organizes, sometimes he piles it on top of himself.
My banana trees were out of control this year! AMAZING!!!

The amount of stench coming from that little foot is epic. I promise he bathes!!
"Quick" puzzle before nap time. I wonder how long this will take. The hubs is not the puzzle doer of the family.
Sometimes you are playing outside and then come inside to play but forget to take off your helmet. We love us some Lemley!
Or maybe she just never takes it off?!?!
This was "hanging" over the ball field tonight. Very peaceful. I felt like someone was looking over us.
So when Chaz was about 10-11 months old I took him to a local pottery place and had him paint a special plate for his birthday. I cherish that plate! Insert everything you know about or have heard about having a second kid---because about 2 1/2 weeks before his THIRD birthday, I finally got my stuff together and took him to paint. *In my defense, we didn't have a local pottery place for a few years!! But still, completely ridiculous.
He loved it. I had to step back and let my OCDness go.
So much fun!!!
And now time for the funny, crazy, completely inappropriate and such. Enjoy!

Damn dog. Just DAMN dog!!! That would be one half of my favorite pair of shoes.
I am somewhere in between my Pinterest boards and that lower picture. Ugh.

So good. Just so good!
I have these friends.. I would be this friend but I don't drink wine. *wink, wink*
This is so funny to me. Dane found this box of crayons and was very clear that the boy on the left was his cousin Ben.

I think it is pretty spot on! You be the judge.
So true!
I didn't think this was real... but yes, I looked it up! Wow.

So yes, I totally went to replace my white Chuck Taylor shoes the dog ate... But when I pulled out my size, this is what was in the box. SERIOUSLY?!?! People seriously do this??? Shame on you. Your mother, hopefully, raised you better than that! Shame.
My hubs is so supportive. This is what I get when I send an "I have to pee" text while stuck in stand still traffic.
Anyone ever experienced Common Core??! I wouldn't suggest it, ever. When you child has to explain it to you so you can help with the homework, something is VERY wrong.
I still love my hogs. So much so my pops and I did this nifty little project. These are the hubs' and my old T-Shirts hung like canvas. This is the back wall behind our bar in our media room. It looks awesome!!!
I never do this... never.
Isn't he just precious?!?!
Soooooo there is a story here. If you haven't picked up on it, I am ridiculously OCD. That is until it comes to one thing. TP. Good ol' toilet paper. It isn't really that I don't believe over is the way to go. I do, really I do. Over is the only way to go. BUT with me being so OCD, constantly cleaning and straightening, this is my thing. My thing I decided NOT to do. 1) I'm tired. 2) It drives my hubs nutty 3) #2 makes me giggle.
To all my ladies!

This is going to be a must at some point on Stone Mountain. All we need is some hose and volunteers. Come on, it will be fun!

This is real life. This child doesn't eat. Seriously, we refer to his diet as the prison diet because it usually is some form of bread, fruit and milk. There are a few other things but not much.
And this is where the hubs wins (or loses depending on how you look at it)
Happy fall, y'all!!!

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