Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor day on the mountain // 2015

We did spend Labor Day on the mountain. It was such a beautiful day FULL of friends and their kiddos.

A bunch of kiddos almost always results in a chicken fight. Crazy kids!

And then it is stupid-human-tricks with the dads. We have some of the best dad's ever. They are so much fun!
We do make them stop to eat every once and a while!
And this boy stole my heart! I loves him!!
Goofy Lil! Love her too!!
The big girls are fun too!
Jack is one of my favorite little buddies!
Silly girl!
Ahhhhh, this is the life!!
Walking on water!
Team jump!
Pretty girls!
Not sure what he is doing but I certainly love him!!
More of our precious friends we love!! I mean, the mountain sure can produce some cute ass kiddos!!!
I simply cannot pick a favorite of Leighton. He melts me!
Oh Lily, you make me giggle!!
Crazy pants.
Sweet friends! Can I please take this same picture when they are 16, getting married, have babies of their own, etc?? Precious!!
Such precious girls!
I mean, why wouldn't you sit in the grass and play with the kiddos. I am telling you, best.dads.ever!!
Of course you sport a pirate patch with you randomly find it. Duh.
Cool dude!
Oh really? You thought I could get a picture of them all looking?? Haha! You are funny. Funny one.

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