Sunday, September 13, 2015

Chaz's 8th bday party // 2015

And then it was time to celebrate this dude. Such a cool little dude!
He really wanted a swimming party and the weather had been fantastic so we decided to rent out the FAC pool and cross our fingers for good weather! The sports them was an obvious one for this year considering how much he LOVES sports right now.
No only do they have swimming but they also have outdoor basketball!
This pool is so much fun! The kiddos love the slides and I love watching them travel down them.
Evan was playing lifeguard. So much cuteness!
My boy!!
My baby!

I am not sure if this is against the rules but he managed to do it without getting in trouble!
Can you say belly flop?!?!
Brandon had a different way of doing things.
And then Ben. I love how they are all so different!
The kiddos told me the smaller pool was warmer than the big pool. I clearly wasn't planing on getting in so I just took their word for it!

Some of the kiddos were super cold and opted to bail on the pool and try a little basketball.
Pizza and snack time!!
And then back to the pool!!
Serious cuteness over here!
Oh KSue, you are a little heart-breaker!
And my sweet Grady!
Messy face!

And Beckett. He seriously melts my heart!
What in the world?!?! Cute kiddos with some silliness on her nose.
Chaz trying to make himself warm. I will remember that swimming in September is probably a little too chilly!
Adorable boy!
I usually don't let them open presents at the party but with the kiddos vacating he pool, we needed something to do! Present time!!

Happy birthday, Buddy!!
He had a few more gifts at home from his brother and out of town family so I let some of his friends join us in the opening. I think they were all about 3 seconds from falling asleep.
Such a fun party! Thank you to all of our family and friends for joining us in celebrating our awesome boy!

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