Friday, August 21, 2015

Miles' 9th Birthday // 2015

I love being able to celebrate all the kiddos in the neighborhood. These kiddos are the best of friends and just overall great kids! This day we celebrated Miles!
He is just adorable so handsome. He is very shy but so very sweet.
And when it is time to blow out you candles, your friends and sisters will get all up in your business!
BAHAHA!! Crazy kiddos!!
Completely impossible to get a decent picture of all these kids!!
These two were just happy to be eating!
Silly sister!!
And this guy, he pretty much refuses to let me take his picture. It is kind of our little game!
And then it was present time!!
Such a little helper!
These kids are awesome. Obviously, I BEGGED them for a decent picture!
Fun times!!
I loves him!!!
Two buddies, one golf cart and a cell phone. Endless amounts of fun!
And then there is Jill. She is just a big kid.
A very goofy big kid!!
Pokemon anyone??
Elli was clearly not interested!!
Happy birthday, Miles! I hope you had a great party!!

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