Saturday, August 29, 2015

Laking it // 2015

Some days you just have to jump on a boat and kick it with your homies. They were very excited, promise. Even if some of them --- KSue and Dane to be specific -- don't look thrilled.
Seriously LOVE these kids!!
This guy was beside himself with excitement! He is simply precious!!
And you know I love to make pictures black and white when I find a gem!!
This dude and his wink. Such the doll-face! I probably should have these bad boys in a black and white too!
I can't even with this one. When did he get this big?!?! He is my best buddy!
Look at all this hair. They look like they are on some 80s action series. You know, the ones with the speed boats, terrible music and men with long flowing hair. They could totally pull this off!!
I don't even know what this is but I love his face!!
And when Mr John rolls out the mat, the kiddos go crazypants!!
I am not 100% what I asked him but this was his response. LOVE!!
And there it is with the wink. He seriously could NOT be any cuter!!
He thought it was so much fun to run and roll off the end. Mr John, who is always so protective was really worried he was going to end up under the mat. He came up smiling each and every time!
And then he decided to teach his brother how to do his new trick!
I believe he is trying to enjoy his drink and a sandwich.. Complete goober.
Yes, they are so bouncy and light that they play like this is a trampoline. Such happy noises.
Snack break.

These dudes are buddies!
And after he snack she was back in the water for some fun in the sun!!
This is Jack's "WOAH!" face! He thinks Chaz is just the coolest!
I think he is pretty damn cool as well!

Let's beat the dads with pool noodles!! Seems like a fun game to me!
Total blur because I wasn't prepared for this one... but I absolutely love everything about this picture!
I am not sure who convinced whom but they decided it was time for jumping into the lake. I love his little arm pump and love that my hubs is such a good daddy/friend to love these kiddos so much!!
He was trying to teach Jack to float.
Success! I mean, the life-jacket helps but it was still a good teaching job.
I think this momma needed a nap. She was laking for two!
Still floating. Stinkin' adorable!
The littles are so smitten with my big guy. AND he is pretty smitten with them!
He tried to float but he is just a crazy wiggle worm.
Sweet momma and her boy! Preciousness!

She was so sweet with him. I don't know that she was sure what he was doing but she was not leaving his side. Look at her little hand holding onto him. So precious.

And we end with Jack showing us a little more of his crazy! Such a fun day, such fun friends. One day, I will get in front of the camera and prove I actually did get in the water and enjoyed the day. Promise, I did!!

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