Saturday, August 1, 2015

Jack turns 3!! // 2015

This guy. I just adore this child. We have been so lucky to have his little family live across the street for a few years now. He is, obviously, one of Dane's BFFs.

We could not have had a better time celebrating this little guy. Thanks for hamming it up for me Jack!
I'm loving Beckett's face. I can't tell if he is annoyed, unimpressed with me taking pictures of someone else or just confused. I love this kiddo!

Ethan was all smiles!! Cutie.
And it didn't take long for all the kiddos to end up in the pool. It was a fantastic day!
Sweet Blair. Her momma was trying to get her to play.
And then Dane noticed I had my camera out and wanted to be part of the fun.
Such the goober! Kids in goggle just melt my heart.

Big kiddos having fun!

Lemley. So cute!
 Flying child!!
Crazy kiddos.

Bored teenagers. HA!

So fun!

I really love them!
Attack of the little Jorg.
Chicken fights are so much fun. Thank goodness for dads who are willing to play!

Although it looks like it, he is NOT levitating.

Daddy and little dude. These two are awesome!!!

Not sure what they are doing but they are having a ball! Best of friends!

Oh and we tend to toss kids left and right when we are in the pool. They LOVE it!

Again with that levitation. This second picture cracks me up!! This was him showing everyone how he can swim without his lifejacket. I am so proud of this little dude for learning to swim this summer!!

Oh AJ, you are such the funny kiddo!!
I haven't a clue how almost every picture turned out like this but it is really cracking me up!! BAHAHAHA!
Sweetness. If you don't know this about me, when I find a shot that is melt-your-heart sweetness, I turn it black and white. Because that just makes it that much sweeter. I loves her!!
More big kid fun!

And then little KSue decided to show off her awesome jumping skills!

And then this. This is really what the girls like to do. I mean, who didn't do this as a kid?? It makes them feel like a cheerleader.......and I think it makes the dudes feel strong! HA!
Slide time! So fun!!

Sweet Kate. She was LOVING the water!
And then there was this. Could he be any cuter????

And then this one! I mean. I swear, I am surrounded by cuteness. I would have turned the above and below black and white but I just couldn't do that-- their eyes!!!
I love this boy!
More of Kate enjoying the water with her momma!

HAHA! So cute!

More KSue jumping!
Ethan was having SUCH a great time. He is sweetness!!

And then he wanted to get in the action.

Lil and Ryan are buddies!
He is crazypants!

I was showing his momma the pictures of Beck and he decided he wanted to do it. So precious!
I think this is his pirate face! HA!
They are so cute and these faces make me SO happy!!

Miss Brooke stole Lil!
Swim KSue!
The boys were not cooperating but they are still cute.
And then this happened. I can't even. This is so amazing. Love this momma and these boys!!
And then it was cake time. What could be better than a Captain Jack cake?!?!
Not so sure about this...
But his buddies were all about it!
There is that smile we know and LOVE!!!!
Again, I really believe I am surrounded by the most adorable children!!
Cake time!!
Momma and her boy! Precious!!
I mean, this is normal, right??
Kids in goggle.. Melt!

She wasn't 100% on board with our shenanigans.
But Brooke and I were persistent!

And it was all worth it!!!

She is like "What the heck is wrong with you people?!?! Why so much picking on the baby?!?!"
We don't really give up. She is right.

I love this set. Lil is clearly playing on her phone as Brooke is paying zero attention.... Their faces in the second one are awesome!!

Present time!!
I think he was a little excited.
Jack always looks SOOOOO Different without his glasses!
KSue getting in on the boy fun!
Well, we tried!

The black and white.. Happy birthday, sweet boy! We are so blessed with you in our lives!
Momma and her sweet girl!
Everyone steals Lil! Katie's turn!
More shenanigans. Again, thank goodness for the dads!!
Love this girl! She is such the doll!
Jack contemplating if he should jump without his life jacket... hmmmmm...  YES!!!

Just hanging out!

Mr Aaron decided to join the party!
Goofy kid!
Crazy goober!
These kids love bocce ball!

But the littles are still in the pool. They love the water!!
I mean, why wouldn't you still be in the pool! They are tossing babies!!!
SO stinkin' fun!!!

This cracks me up! Oh Elli!
Dad and his birthday buddy!!

Another toss for birthday good luck!!

Happy birthday, Jack! I hope you had the best birthday! I can't believe you are 3 and we can't wait to celebrate so many more birthdays with you!!

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