Wednesday, August 5, 2015

First day of second grade // 2015

I seriously can't believe how big he is getting! He LOVES school. This year his teacher is Ms. Combs. The last day of first grade she gave him a BIG ol' hug and told him she hoped she got him for second. I am so glad she did!

He wouldn't let us cut his hair too short but this was for sure a BIG improvement to the mop he sported all Summer.

As with all kiddos, new clothes, shows and backpack are key to the first day! Chaz wanted to sport his neon, shocker! He picked out his backpack and lunch box. He loves his Hogs!
He is totally done with all my picture taking. HA!
He LOVES this school and this school LOVES him. It is so wonderful to be surrounded by teachers, staff, kiddos and families who all love each other so much!!

He loves playing with his friends, Minecraft, baseball and his family. He wants to be a baseball player or an engineer when he grows up. He is FANTASTIC at math but struggles with his writing (he holds his pencil funny, like his momma and forms some of his letters from the bottom up, like his Uncle Shane) His favor things at school are math, PE and Art. He loves to read and is constantly questioning everything and wanting us to explain everything. Thanks to Google I am still holding on. I mean, how else would I be able to answer how tall the Eiffel Tower is or who is the wealthiest person on the planet or how many home runs did Babe Ruth hit?!?!?  Never ending. I adore this kiddo!  He is really a great student!!!

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