Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ending the Summer with a splash! // 2015

We have a beginning of Summer party so why wouldn't we have an end of the Summer party?!?!

The kiddos are pretty used to this as we like to get together and have fun up here on the mountain. BUT I had a little surprise for them. I had them all line up so I could get a group picture. Everyone thought they were super cute/studly.

But wait for it...
You see that white stuff in the air over there on the left?? Yep, we had all the parents lined up behind them with a TON of water balloons. SURPRISE!!
Watch them start to scatter! This is one of those times when I really wish my photos had sound.
Then it was just an all out war!!
Yes, I have awesome friends who hold babies while chunking balloons at small children! HA!
Nothing more fun than throwing water balloons at you dad!

And someone may or may not have received the "honor" of the cooler dump. The kiddos' faces in he background may be my favorite part! BAHAHA!
This would be Lil's I-don't-know-about-these-crazy-people face.

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