Saturday, August 15, 2015

Benton County Fair // 2015

The Benton County Fair. We try do this every year with my parents. Here is the 2014 fair.

I am always hopeful that we will actually be able to enjoy the animals, I like the animals but Chaz is usually so disturbed by the smells. This year was FAR more successful than any year before! I don't even think he plugged his nose once!!
He actually wanted to have his picture taken with the animals. These were their favorites.
I loved listening to Chaz explaining the animals to his little brother. Such cuteness. Hey, they don't always get along so I will take my moments whenever I can get them!
And then it was time to go outside and enjoy the tractors.
Goodness, I love this kiddo!!
And then my little crazy train decided to take his turn.
And then they decided they wanted to ride the camel. Fun times!
They had such a good time and the gentleman running it was super sweet and walked them a few extra rounds (we were there early so there wasn't much of a crowd!)
Then the boys decided they wanted to ride this beast. Next year, I think I am going to do it now that I have seen how much fun they had!!
The kids favorite thing. The outside fun house/jungle gym thingy. They did this like a bagilion times! My sweet hubs was nice enough to take the baby (yes, I still call him the baby and he is 3...don't judge)
Simply having a blast!! "Again, again!!!"
This took me back to around 1988... I just had to get a picture.
Oh this guy! He is such a goof but sure makes life so much fun for my littles!

He wasn't by himself, don't worry!
But lets giggle a little, if you didn't see that tiny bit of hat there on the right, you would really think he was riding the planes by himself. Then we would be free to point and laugh.
Oh look, the big brother was in the back. He looks THRILLED!

Back to the awesome slide! This is what Chaz really loved!!!
I am really not sure who had more fun. Goofballs!
This may be one of his favorites. Little motorcycles that go in a slooooooooooooooow circle.

He rode forever... and ever... and ever.....
He and his Papa. They are just precious!
Riding some rides by himself again! HA, kidding.
Helicopters are so much fun!
Especially with some random friend.
This face. He cracks me up!!
And then for the slowest moving train in the history of trains. Oh well, he had fun!
And as we do every year, we just had to play some games.

Back to the slides. I just had to get a video of the shenanigans.

I do believe this may be his first taste of soda ever... Oh well. Sometimes on a hot (VERY hot) summer night, you have to let go of the rules.

Part of the gear he won while fishing. Goofy kid.

Such a fun night. I am so blessed to have parents that not only do this stuff with us but it was actually their idea!! We must be kinda fun to hang out with!

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