Sunday, August 30, 2015

August // 2015

August randomness time!!

As with most weekends in the Summer, we spent lots of fun time hanging in Gaga and Papa's pool
Sometimes they actually get along!
Goofy but SUPER cute!
And then it was time for races with Daddy. THIS should result in some major laughs!
Yep, balance is not his strong point.
And then it was time for some mens.
Yep, back at it!
And he smoked him!
He was so proud of himself!

Swimming. Such the big boy!
Looks like he is walking on water!
I absolutely LOVE when I find sweetness like this on my phone. I probably won't ever delete this.
Something I also love? Sleeping kids. LOVE

Finally decided to tackle the hair. Oh this hair. I probably won't ever tell him he ca grow it out again. SUCH a pain!
The hubs sent me this picture one day.. I mean why wouldn't you wear a sweatshirt in August.
Many, many mornings my bed looks like this.. Just a big ball of happiness. Even though I get zero sleep.
The kiddos decided they wanted to go to Fastlanes. Why the heck not?!?!
They were so pumped! And yes, that is WITH a hair cut. Ugh.
Some fun swimming videos for your viewing pleasure.
We celebrated our 14 year anniversary this year. I really love doing life with this dude.
and he is super sweet sometimes.
except when we go for drinks before dinner and he accepts a work call. #realtorwifelife  Oh well, I will keep him!
and this little guy learned to "pop his eyebrows"
He is just so darn cute!
"Hey mom, take a picture with me and my mowth"  I love his little voice!
Life of a boymom... just wait for it. I love this silly kiddo!

A little grub with one of our best buddies!
And his sweet little sis.
And some Bunco with my ladies!! Loves them!
Fun things happen when you are in charge of the selfie stick!!
The boy went flying with his Papa. He loves to fly!!
More car sleeping. My fav.
My little highlighter family!
He makes me giggle. I think I watched this 50 times.

When they don't realize the momma has a camera. They are going to hate me in 10 years.
 I may have gotten in on the fun! I will cut myself out and put this in the yearbook at some point! It WILL happen! HAHAHA!

Love her!
Our neighborhood kiddos are awesome!
He wanted a picture. I only took it because I think the hair is a riot!
I love when I catch sweet, unprompted, moments like this!
You know, pit bulls are SO vicious!
Just me and my baby. I love being his momma!

The struggle is real.
And then there is this guy! Happy to enjoy a lunch at school with him and his buddy!
And then this happened... Yep, one of the best things about Texas came to Arkansas! YES!
And then my sweetie took me on a date night. I LOVE Pesto Cafe!
Date night! Yahooooooooo!
Oh and then there was this.. When you go on out, your friends, who know the babysitter and have access to your house, completely turn your pretty OCD life upside-down. Pillows the wrong way, curtains pulled, sheets short-sheeted....
Random decor moved, furniture moved and rearranged... Which then sent me into a spiral of wanting a chair for next to the window... A full year later, as I am writing this, I still don't have one. 
And the dining rooms chairs switched with the kitchen chairs..... Hooligans.
Back to my happy place.
And NOTHING good can come from this. At least he has on a helmet.
Apparently, I live with some circus clowns.. Roller blades and an electric scooter???
And there was this.. Yes, that is a grown woman asleep in the pediatric dental office.
Always perfect at the dentist!!
I love posting picture of a mashup of my babies, because they look so much alike, and seeing if anyone can identify them... Any guesses?? I tricked this time, they are all Chaz. Such the cutie!
You know you are raising them right when you don't even have to tell them anymore.
Even when there is super messy hair under the hat.
So, since I brought it up, the hair. This boy. We just simply couldn't find the time for a haircut. That was until I noticed this... WHAT?!?! He is growing a mullet?!?!
Coming off a bad hair cut, it was even worse than I thought. Note: The botched haircut was from a local place, Pigtails and Crewcuts, not from my sweet Meme. 

This called for an ASAP trip to Meme's house for an emergency haircut!!

But first, we play. I LOVE that she will still get him the floor and play with my babies.
And he was ready for it.
So happy. Soooooo much better!!!
A little evening chat at the bar with his buddy.
Sweet boy!
Oh just a normal dinner with my Hill boys!
Guess who in the family cannot do this....
I spent an hour or so rebuilding Legos. Trying to get my Momma stock back up after letting little brother play in big brother's room. Oops.
Because Captain Destructo is always making messes.
When you chuckle at something you know your spouse would love, you rewind, record and text it on over. That is love. Not much makes me happier than watching people lose complete sanity on Family Feud. I love Family Feud!!

And now for the funnies. Again, there may be some language, there may be something offensive... get over it and laugh. Life is short.
Life of a boy mom. The things you find in the garage fridge.
Sweet messages from my boy!

This could not be more true.
No. Hell no. Double hello no.

And there are just days... HA!

Happy August, Y'all!!

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