Sunday, August 16, 2015

AJ turns 4! // 2015

I said it a few posts ago, we are surrounded by adorably cute kiddos! AJ is no exception. He is a doll. He has lived across the street from us for many years. He and Dane have become very good friends. We love this kiddo!

And we couldn't wait to celebrate his birthday!!

He seemed pretty excited!

And how old are you?? *LOVE*
Little sister was really only interested in a snack.
These boys! Such great friends!! BUT trying to get them all to look and smile at the same time is impossible!
And my buddy Jack! Isn't he just a stinkin' dollface?!?!?! I seriously love this kiddo!
He was telling me a story! No clue what he was telling me but it was a good one I am sure!!
The cake, cupcakes and cookies were just adorable!
Then it was time for all these cuties to focus on the birthday boy. Note: I haven't a clue what is going on with Chaz's hair. What in the world?!!?!
And we sing! He seems confused but impressed. We aren't the best group of singers on the block.
Then it was time to play!!! Nothing better than seeing these hilarious kids go down the slide.
I love my little happy guy!
Jack and his daddy!
Taylor! HAHA! Priceless!
Really? Dads? Heck, why not?!?

Get it, Justin!
And of course Aaron was going to join! Goofy guys!
But AWESOME pictures!!

Sweet girl!
This wasn't even staged. What a funny kid!
Hudson was so funny! He would literally come to a full stop!
Lemley! These kiddos are seriously such a blast!
I guess Dave felt like he was missing out!
We returned to the mountain and of course the fun wasn't over. Why not continue the fun?!?
Nothing here looks safe. Fun but certainly not safe!
Goofy but precious!!
I love these pictures of Jackson and Jack. LOVE!
Of course Dane's pictures in the tube were completely silly! He is such the ham!
Nothing good can come from this!
More crazy!

And the party is over when someone ends up in their skivvies.
Happy Birthday, AJ! I hope you had an amazing birthday! We love you to pieces!!!

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