Tuesday, July 21, 2015

So long M.I.C.K.E.Y, Hello B.E.A.C.H // 7.2015

As if we hadn't had enough fun already, we decided to spend 5ish days at the beach.  Cape Canaveral it is! The kids were pumped and the adults were ready for some major R and R.

When you walk into the hotel and you are greeted by this?  So fun!
They thought this was the most awesome thing ever!!
Quick trip to WM for some groceries and gear.  I am still laughing about the weird array of things we bought.
When we got back I realized Chaz had gotten a hold of my camera and made some masterpieces with the Potato Heads.

And they found the suckers I bought for them. I am pretty sure they didn't have adult supervision... aka daddy took a nap.
Yes, our world kinda revolves around these kids. We do sit in the floor and let them play "Mr Potato Head Shop."
Once the rain let up, it was off to the beach for us!!!!
Of course they starts digging immediately.
I love them!
He was having a blast!!
These two lovebirds. I mean.
Not sure what he was doing but it was funny. He is SO funny!
He decided to try and jump the waves. Didn't we all do this as kiddos?
Beach hair don't care. This kid!!
Pure sweetness!!
The men, the mess, the smiles.

The obligatory "toes in the sand" picture.
Best Gaga ever!!!!
Yes, I was really there... no, I am not naked.
Fav, seriously a BIG fav. That hair!
He stole my heart!!
This is another fav. Adorable.
He stole my heart too!!!
Still stinkin' adorable.
I knew it wouldn't take him long to try to get as dirty as possible. Oh well, there is a huge "bathtub" out there!
Oh to be a kid again!
Or to be my hubs. He is pretty much just a big ol' kid.
Of course his "mens" came to the beach!
They are always racing. Always!
No, Sin Cara does not have a head... He loves him anyways.
Chaz was so excited to do this!
Oh look, I do exist!!
The boys thought this was a riot! I mean there is nothing more fun than burying your momma, right?
So fun!
They loved this!
Dane had such a hard time standing. I was on the floor with laughter at these two!
Such the mess. massive amounts of wet sand in his hair. Nothing good can come from this!!
I guess this is how you clean the sand out of your hair. Needless to say, this didn't really work out for him.
The mens are even covered in sand. Even headless Sin Cara.
This face. Stop!!
Daddy and his boy!
Love these views of my boys. I could have just sat there for days upon days!
He loved watching the big ships.
Digging for shells.
Surfer hair!!
He was talking to them! BAHAHAHA!!

And when you get tired of the beach, you head to the pool. I had to do a pano because this pool was something amazing. It had two giant pools, a lazy river, a giant waterslide, a small area with mushroom fountains for the littles and a bar for the bigs! Winning.
I swear this picture doesn't even look like my kiddo!
And then we retreated to the room to rest. He wasn't tired. He promised me. Really. I was trapped under this kid for several hours and I couldn't reach the remote. Eventually, the others noticed I was missing and came to find me.

My brother and Lisa met us at the beach to enjoy the last half of our vacation. Major added bonus!!

Then it was time for a "friendly" family game of mini-golf. Did I mention that golfing with a very bossy 3 year-old and a rule following 7 year-old is a challenge? Wow. I don't think we knew what we were getting into on this one!
He thought it was hilarious that his ball went in the water!
Papa tried, he really tried. Bless his sweet heart!!
I just realized neither of my kiddos are wearing shoes. I don't really have an explanation for this but I find it rather amusing!

 Such the good uncle!!

 The next morning it was time to hit the beach!

He was having a blast jumping the waves. He wasn't very successful but he was still having a blast!!
He was having such a blast. I was loving just watching him.
And then he gets dirty. This kiddo!!
He loved walking up and down the shoreline looking for shells.

 Not sure when he got so big!!

Perfectly content.
Sorry, not sorry for the picture overload. This place was just so peaceful and beautiful. The subjects melt my heart and are even more beautiful. I love this life. I love my children and my family so much!!

 Rub some dirt on it. This kid is just hysterical.
I am pretty sure he could stay here all day!

Headed to the pool with my big boys. That pool was something amazing!!
They are back!
Still digging and lovin' it!
Yes, we are normal. They still fight. Even while in this beautiful place, enjoying a fantastic vacation. They are kids. They are brothers. They fight. It is SOOOOOO enjoyable. Not.
The hair to hat ratio is off.. .This one will go to little brother when we get home!
Digging with Aunt Lisa. they LOVE her!!!
My heart just exploded. Wow, is this really my baby?? He is so handsome.
Looking for shells with Aunt Lisa. They are two peas in a pod.
My first born annoying the baby. Seriously. This is normal in my life. I am not sure what he is doing but by the looks of it, the baby does not approve.
So my brother is super active and my husband is like a caged tiger with ADD. They always have to be doing something. So why wouldn't we rent this canoe thingy? I mean nothing will happen. They are always safe. HAHA. If anything, we will sure get some good laughs and hours of amusement with this thing. The first clue should have been when it took four of them to get it out in the ocean for the hubs and the boy to take for a spin.
He didn't care. At.all.
Already giggling..
And they are off! These two are a bit like oil and water so I wasn't totally sure how this was going to work out.
It was a bit choppier than they thought it was going to be.
Once they got past the breakwater, they were good to go!
And in about 10 seconds he will loathe his father and lose all trust for future water activities with him. Enjoy!
All smiles... for now...
And there it is... The hubs is smiling but the kiddo, not so much!
Peace out!!
The baby decide he actually did want in! I was a little shocked, even though he is my dare devil
Then it was my brother's turn.
Seriously? These two?? They are totally like brothers. Either love or hate.
This was a bromance moment.
It was really a riot to watch!
Precious boy.
He finally decided he wanted to do it again but only with Uncle Shane and Papa. Daddy was in the doghouse.
My eyes were HUGE watching this! Please be careful with my baby! Please...
He was having so much fun!!!
Doghouse. They don't really care. HA!!
Uncle Shane was quite curious about what the baby was doing
Love this!!
Aren't they adorable?!?! Buds.
Willing to go again with his Daddy?!?
His Uncle Shane built him a castle and he was so proud of it!
So brave. I was really shocked by this. He is NOT the dare devil. He is his Momma's child.
He did bail but he had a blast... and he looks 12. What happened?!?!
Adorable!! Simply melts my heart!
 BAHAHAHA! Do we need to talk about this? What could possibly go wrong?!?!
Nothing. Nothing at all could go wrong.
I am certain he was bossing his Uncle Shane.
TOO FAR! And now I am freaking out about my oldest child.
Gaga providing the supervision. 
I walked over to see exactly what he had done... yes, he buried himself. Such the cutie!
Refreshing break.
Oh sure, now we should try a boogie board
These pictures don't do this justice. I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time. Belly laughs. Serious belly laughs.
Rolling. Sorry, I love you bro!
I am pretty sure my daddy was standing in the ocean to get a better view of my brother biffing it!
I loves her!!
Back at it!
 These two were very fun to watch.... from my lounge chair on the beach..
Not a care in the world. This is how it should be when you are at the beach. Bless his sweet little heart!!
This is his success pose. Dork.
No clue. Seriously no clue what he is doing!
Loves him so much!!!
"C'mon Dad! Move this boat!!"
Oh geez.. Oh geez.
The bromance was STRONG with these two!
Or these four. HA!
The boys decided the baby should boogie board... Ummmmmmmm......
SO fun!!!
"Do it again, daddy!!!" Such the boy!
Man down. And now HE is ticked at his daddy too! Poor hubs
Gaga saved the day and takes him back to the condo
  And this is what happens when the boy takes my camera. I have to say, he did a pretty good job!
 Naps before dinner are never really a good idea but isn't he just an angel?? When he sleeps.
I woke him up to shower and get ready for dinner. This is where I found him after I let him loose. Bless this sweet man for loving his grandbabies like he does. He stole my heart a long time ago!!
Again, the hair to hat ratio is totally off but he is still WAY cute! And nothing is more fun than balloon animals at dinner!
The next day we headed down to the pier. We heard it was a really fun time and you could watch the local surfers
Thanks to Papa for buying this kiddo a new hat. It doesn't hurt that it is neon
It was beautiful!
These two are buddies. They were watching the surfers.
They are pretty special to us too!
It looked like a storm was coming so we decided to pack it in!
As we leaving, we found an arcade. Shocking that the Hills can find an arcade!
Chaz needed proof he beat his dad in air hockey. Here you go Buddy!
The rain shower was minimal so we went down to another spot to see sea turtles and manatees
Super cool!!
Hi, cute little turtle dude!
This little boy fell in love with Chaz the second he saw him. I was pretty sure we were about to take him home with us. Look how cute they are holding hands!!
Beach hair may not care but it is driving momma insane!!!
My crush. Everyday.
Dane wanted to go "over der."
Of course these two had to see what was going on.
Who knows what they found!?!?
I took a picture of where they were looking but I still never saw anything. Chaz was super disappointed that the picture didn't show the "silver fish."
Some of my favorite peeps.
Within just a few minutes of this, we were hit with a MAJOR rainstorm. So much of one that we actually hid in the bathroom while Daddy went and got the car, which was parked WAY far away. We were soaked!!
This was actually in the resort. It was an indoor jungle gym. So much fun!
Yes, there was an arcade. Of course we hit that up!
Dane had his own version of an arcade back in the room.
And it looks like Papa may or may not have fed him Oreos while we were gone. 
Classic Shane with the bunny ears.
And when the boy gets the camera. BAHAHAHA
And then to burn some energy after the rain, the boys decided to race. Always racing.
So fun! Chaz beat his daddy so he decided he was done. Dane decided to keep racing to see if he could beat his Daddy.
I love this face!!!
Wrestling with Uncle Shane. He said his "tickles didn't really tickle" This all while he was laughing hysterically.
The "Oreo Challenge" became the "Ritz Challenge" as someone ate all the Oreos *see above comment below a picture of a short person with a chocolate mouth*
It was getting pretty difficult to get pictures because I was laughing my butt off!
Papa came in for the assist.
WINNER!! He was so proud!!
These guys were right outside our room. So pretty!
And they let us get stupid close to them!!
The sunsets were awesome!!
I can't even.. This hair!!
I mean, THAT is some epic bedhead!
He looks like he is from Dr Seuss' Whoville!
Shane and Lisa had to head home before us but we had one last day to find something to do. We were kinda beached out so we decided to go look for some more fun things to do. There is a MAJOR manatee population in this area and there are designated places to view them. We took it upon ourselves to find them.
 "Hey, Mom. Can you take a picture of me under this tree" Ummmm, sure.
"And here?" Sure.
They are my heroes.
We didn't see any manatees or turtles here but he wanted a picture with the statues. His brother was having NONE of it.
This is as good as it gets.
Now this place was LEGIT! You can see a faint shadow of one on the right side above Chaz's head... Just wait, it gets better
He was ticked about something.
There is a nose.. And no, I did not have my long lens on. They were really this close!
Manatee bootie
Nature calls. Thank goodness for having boys! 1) they can literally go anywhere.. 2) that falls under the hubs' job description. Double winning.
Amazing. It was SO beautiful!!
And then we randomly decided to take a trip to NASA. Chaz was PUMPED!
I love this. Goofy damn kids!!
This is made of Legos!!! Guess who made me take the picture??
This was simply badass! I really didn't think I would enjoy this but it was really awesome!!!
He was in his element. Loving life right here, folks!!
This spaceship tunnel was SUPER cool .....
And of course the hubs joined in the fun with the kiddos!!
Cool until they got to this part, a 15ish foot clear tube that was on the second story. They were terrified to cross it.
Chaz was finally brave enough to cross it!
But Dane, he wasn't having it. Clearly, this is where my daredevil draws the line.
I'm fairly certain he dad was pushing him.
They had this awesome full story slide. Dane wasn't technically tall enough... I think he pulled a tip toe trick! HA! Notice Chaz trying to explain that you are supposed to cross your arms when you go down. He wasn't picking up what Chaz was putting down. Hilarious.
And again!
Yes, that is the hubs on the right. #biggestkid
All mine!!

And why wouldn't you have a picture with an astronaut! It is NASA for goodness sake!!
And of course this happened! Didn't you see the Disney blogs? It is kinda our thing now. PS. Thanks to the fam for not telling me I had a big chunk of something in my teeth. At least they look cute!
There was a play land and of course my kids were in it in about 2 seconds.
That night we sat on the porch. We had known about this little fellow but this night, he got super close.
Yes, the hubs was feeding him.
One last morning swim!
Yes, they joined us.
Yes, he was in his clothes because I had already packed him swimming suit.
Poor guys with no head. He is Dane's favorite.
So fun!!
I didn't want to leave!!
And this random squirrel says "Hi"
One last evening on the beach. So pretty!!
The feet picture 2015!
Crazy pants!
I loves them!!
This face! I seriously adore all my boys!!
So this is what the balloon animals looked like by the last night. I told Chaz we would not be traveling with them. He quickly grabbed my camera and took a few pictures to remember. What a goofball!!
Beautiful rainbow over the beach!!
I really didn't want to leave! I could stay here forever!!
But the next morning, it was time to load up and go! A+ to the newer airplanes having interactive screens and videos. We already had our earbuds so these kiddos were set!
We had a layover so we lounged. Yes, my husband is missing his shoes. It was a loooooong day! Note: the below progression happened in about 4 minutes. It was a riot to watch
After all of that, he finally sacked out in the plane!
This was a FANTASTIC vacation! So many memories made on the overall vacation. Thanks to my parents for putting up with our craziness. Spending this much time with small children is NOT an easy task never mind the fact that we trekked through Disney for 5 days. They are simply amazing!!!

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