Saturday, July 18, 2015

Neighborhood pooltime // July // 2015

We sure made good use of the Johnson's pool this Summer. They are such fantastic hosts and always so welcoming of the neighborhood crew! These three are little peas in a pod.
This kid loves the water!
Such the cutie! We love some AJ!
And his darling little sister!! If you know me, you know I have a thing for beautiful little bald babies. I can totally relate, sister!!
Crazytown! I think I may be onto something, we should rename the mountain!!
Nothing more fun than chunking a kiddo as high as humanly possible! Thanks, Aaron!
Sweet Lil!
I seriously  LOVE these kids!! They are all so special!
Fun is a blur! Love me some Jack!!
Hayes looks like he is wearing glasses, not goggles!
Dive skills.

Still learning.
Monkey see, monkey do!
Such a sweet face. I really DO NOT want him to lose those baby cheeks!!
He is cute AND crazy!!
So proud of himself!
And just keeps on going!
That grin! LOVE!
So I said cute and crazy, did I mention silly!?!?!
I seriously love the heck out of this kid!
He believes you have to hold your knees like this when doing a cannon ball!
His form is an art. I mean, tears... I just can't handle this kiddo! He is so stinking funny!!!
The twins... or just best buds, whatever.
I think Hayes was trying to teach Chaz how to dive but.... it wasn't really working! HA! At least the kid was trying!
Still going!
Speaking of BFFs. This. There is a major love between these two!! She wasn't always in love but she sure is now!
More, he is so awesome!

Perfect timing. Walking on water!

Elli's dive
He is like a boomerang!
Again on the timing!
Jack wanted in on the action!
I have no idea what this is but I'm calling it SUPERMAN!
With a side of ummmm-that-is-going-to-hurt!!!"
They love to pretend to be big! Considering they have been friends for almost two years, I feel like they are already SO big!!
AJ gets in with the big kids! Awesome!!
This face!!! Love him!!
Love this! Mid air for all!
And still hanging with her new boyfriend. Seriously, how precious are these!!!
And the girls!

This is the first picture I caught with it but I LOVE how Jack jumps. His little arms all back and the wind up. HA!

Double spin!
And then the most popular of activities. The boogie board surf! Be ready for pictures because AJ was not the only kid who LOVED this!!
A+ to Aaron for facilitating the muscle of this fun time for almost all of the kiddos!
Back up with AJ!
Seriously, balance of a ninja!
Jack is back!
Elli's turn!
And the silent ninja. She could stand there for hours. Aaron even lifted her up higher to see if she would break!
Even the big boys got a turn!

Daniel son.
Dane wasn't so sure about it. He doesn't have the balance like his brother. He is his Daddy's kid.
And then it was done and all he wanted to do was jump and be silly! Classic Dane!
Jack is back again! So much excitement on that face!! And Aaron, still going strong..literally! Such the trooper!
Hamming it UP!
Elli gives it another shot!
And then the hubs decided to toss the baby! She love it!!
You know the rules, you can toss YOUR baby much higher than someone else's baby!
My fav. Seriously, FAV of the summer!!!
Oh and if they are a little older but not yours, you can toss them too!
Maaaaaybe he tossed the baby again, maaaaaybe
Water logged = Snacks + Netflix on the phone!
And there are times when your daddies toss you in the air and your booty falls out of your swim trunks!!
A little more hanging, hanging with the mens. Yes, of course he brought the mens!

I think she was d.o.n.e.
Oh yeah! For SURE!
And after a looooong day in the pool, this is how you end it right! Thank you, Johnsons for always being so wonderful and inviting to us!! Looking forward to Summer 2016!

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