Friday, July 10, 2015

Mac's Bday // July // 2015

LOVE the Summer birthday parties! We have some pretty good Fall birthdays in our fam but to have one where it is warm enough to do this would be AWESOME!!! At least we got to go!

What a better birthday party for a baseball kid than a slip and slide baseball party?!?! It was awesome!!
Birthday boy!
The little man was pumped!!
Owen was killing it!
I think Bo ended up as wet as the kiddos!
And this one pretty much owned the game. It was his game and we were just witnessing it.
Great hit, Chaz!!
I love the jump vs slide into the plate. So fun!!
The hubs decided he wanted to get out there to pitch!
More "sliding"
And telling baby brother to get out of the way! HA!
He didn't care, you can't phase this kiddo.
Mac's game face.
Owen on FIRE!
He looks so old! *tear*
This face basically wins the day. BAHAHAHA!
It is just a baby pool party for him. Pay no mind.
Hayes did a fantastic job too!!
HAHA! He wasn't hurt. Don't worry!
Dane has the hose... Danger, danger.
We changed to a kickball model and it was hilarious! The kids really got a kick out of that {pun completely intended}
Madness. Just shear madness!! But SO much fun!
Yes, those feet belong to him ^^^
And then he decided to lounge. It was his spa day.
It is ok, everyone just played around him.
Hayes was holding his own with the big kids. He has a year or so on Dane. Such a cutie.
And my big kid. HA!
And then complete madness. The hubs told the kids to just start running the "bases" and he would try to peg them with ball. Yes, great plan.
Of course the baby was in on the action! I was just hoping the big kiddos didn't run over him!
Absolutely hilarious!!!
Then we were off to the pool. This kid is a fish so he was beyond happy!
And this kid has moves!
 Chaz and Owen are just like two peas in a pod.
"DAAAAADDDDDDDDD, watch me do my cannonball!!!"
The cake. I mean, A+ to Court on the cake! It was beyond creepy but also amazing!
Mac was pretty pumped!
Chaz was trying to figure out how Courtney was going to cut it!
This face. Total mischief!
And gross!! But SO cool for a boy's bday party!
It is dead. Just dead.

Happy birthday, Mac! I hope you had a fantastic day. We had SUCH a great time!!!

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