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Hillapalooza // 2015

Nothing is better than 11 grandkids/cousins and 11 adults hanging out for a week of fun -- aka Hillapalooza!!

A full week in the Summer where we are all together sharing good times, long days, lots of laughs and an immeasurable amount of memories.

The first day usually starts at Mah and Dah's house. This has quickly become the tradition and is an easy start to a crazy week. The kiddos all ADORE Brady. He is SO good. He has the patience of a saint and loves to play with and teach the kiddos new things. I am not sure what he is teaching here but I am sure it is safe. HA!
I also have no clue why these sisters are sweeping the lawn but they are sure cute doing so!
This one, such the ham!!!
Davis wanted a piece of the action. Thanks for hamming it up too, little buddy!
Back to the contraption. Again, I seriously haven't a clue but it was keeping their interest and they were having a great time.
I tried to get a picture of Anna but was photobombed by the ham. This picture cracks me up!!
Got it! Beautiful girl!
After dinner I found these cuties curled up on the couch. Warning adorableness below.
Stop it with these faces. BAHAHA!
Looks like she was practicing her selfie skills before she was bombarded by her cousins/brother.
This is also a tradition. We aren't all together to celebrate birthdays throughout the year so we get a HUGE cake and celebrate everyone during Hillapalooza.
And we pour chocolate syrup into the baby's mouth. Why not?!?
The next day was a pool day while the big boys went golfing. He didn't even make it across town before passing out. That is when you know he had a great night with his cousins!!
But once we were there, he was ALL IN!!
Actually I think all the kids were all in!!
I love, love, love this shot of Campbell! So fun!
Floating skills of Chaz. Funny because anytime he is in my parent's pool, he sinks like a rock!
Such good buddies. Although they are a year and a half apart in age, it reminds me of how Chaz and Jackson were when they were little.
More Campbell showing her skills!
This face!
Then it was his turn! Once you turn this little kid up to full speed, good luck unwinding him.
They are just so fun....and funny!

Chaz adores babies! He is SO good with them..... as long as they aren't his little brother (HAHA!)
They came up with this game.. not sure what it is but Davis was ROLLING!!!
Sweet Madilyn.
That shot. Did I think I would get it twice?? Nope. I think it is the little skirt that gets me!
 Davis and Chaz. So adorable!

Jackson's cousin joined us to swim. They are all such good kiddos.
Yes, my kiddo decided to put a tattoo on his arm right before a ton of pictures were taken for the week.
Nice air!
 Siblings, presh.
This face. Hilarious. It reminds me of Dane's wink face that he makes with every picture.
More precious siblings.
Oh but that face.. "Umm, too close. Why are you in my face??" Love it!
The big kids were doing stunts and playing games...
Dane was sitting and playing with his mens. Anyone shocked???
And Ben joined him because they are buds.
No explanation except he is Brandon and he is silly!
Later that evening the kids made a lemonade stand... Nah, just kidding. They were sitting outside, eating dinner and trying to sell rocks fossils. Yep, you read that right...fossils. You should have seen the pricing on these things!
And my BIL did this.I can't even.
The next day we decided to do this!! If you are local and haven't made it to the Amazeum, you are missing out. It is SUCH a good time for all ages!
Yes, the boys stopped in the gift shop and turned around with this... Goobers.
Dane... this kid. You could seriously leave him in the Walmart store/Deli all day and he would be fun. Beyond fine, he would be ecstatic!
This kid is the complete opposite. He wants to do everything and experience everything. His mind is simply amazing to me!
Quickly back to the little kiddo. I mean, just look at that smile.
He LOVES the lobsters!
Then he decided to make me lunch. Ice cream and bacon to be exact.
and cheese and coffee.. Sounds delicious!
Especially when served by this cutie!
I was finally able to pull him out of the Walmart store and go exploring with me. *not that we haven't already been here a bagillion times and he knows where everything is*
And this is where I lose him. I promise the rest of the cousins are here, I just can't lose this monkey because he is fast and I can't get through the climbing leaves.
I spot some people I know!
And some more.
I believe he was arguing. Even if he wasn't at this particular moment, I am sure he was within the next few minutes. He is a little "head strong."
Finally found the big boys. They tend to stay in a pack.
The shadow thing was new to us. They were having a great time.
and then I had to break up a fight... with this many kids, it is bound to happen.... at least this one was between siblings!
My precious little nugget.

Yeah, the big kid was there too.
The tornado feature was new as well. The kiddos were mesmerized.
And then we went to milk some cows. Why not?
and pick some apples.
And they decided to ride in a super cool boat with even cooler hats.
And then we found the funny mirror. I have not laughed that hard in a REALLY long time. These kids are a riot!

Then I heard some commotion coming from the boat... There were my other two hanging in the boat. Seriously, my husband is so goofy but so damn fun. Dane asked him to get in with him and he said "Sure!"
And then they all wanted to get in with Dane too!
And back to the mirror. Poor Brandon and his boot. At least he looks awesome!
He thought it was so funny!!
More pictures! I really wish these pictures had sounds because this was so much fun!
Then it was time for the filmstrip. I love that this is probably his favorite part of the entire place. He is such a little Picasso. Bonus is that one of my best childhood friends actually works in this space so I get to see her while he is working on his filmstrip.  And yes, that hair is out of control!
It was a bagilliongagillion degrees outside but of course the kiddos wanted to go outside.
I was in charge to make sure he didn't climb.... ummmmm, oops.
Back inside to the bat cave!
I did finally get a chance to hang with my girls too!
And the littlest man!
And this girl!
Oh what? You are shocked that he is back in the store??
I am pretty sure she is the ONLY person he has ever had patience with in this space (without being told to have patience) I am not sure what that was about but I was pretty proud as it is a big step. He pretty much thinks he owns this little Walmart store.
I am not sure he is ever going to leave... ever...
If I give you a lemon, can we stay forever?
He finally got his turn! He was pumped.
And one of my favorite things here. It makes me laugh every time.
I think he is a little tuckered out.
The next day it was time for more pool-time while the big boys were golfing.
This grin!
This kid gets some air!
Spinning cannonball!
Goggle girls!
Another spin move!
Buddies... always friends with the littles.
He was "bored."  Seriously, I now understand how maddening that made my momma when I would say it. Oh mercy me.

Needless to say, they were zonked before we even hit the highway!
That night was dinner are our house and it isn't a party until we break out the blow up slides. Let's be honest, my overarching goal is always to wear these kids out so they all sleep good at night. They sure have a good time playing into our evil plan!
And who doesn't love an redneck oversized slip and slide??
And out of nowhere my BIL came out in his underroos. Seriously, this man is crazy!
But he is a fun kind of crazy!
I was laughing so hard I could barely operate the camera. It was hilarious!!
And the spectators watching his craziness.
And then it was time to let the kiddos play!
This is the only way Davis would go.... with his daddy, in his clothes. Silly kid.
And a bonus when the hubs turns on the sprinklers.
Still going....
He was trying really hard to protect his hurt foot. Crazy kid!!
Stone wanted to get in on the fun. She loves to try to bite the sprinklers.
We couldn't get him off of it! HA! At least he was waiting in line like the rest of the kiddos.
This face!
Look at this pup. She was having a BALL!!

I love this happy face!
I love this one too....even if he won't smile for me.
Sweet boy!
And we got to celebrate someone turning 40!!!
Old man Mike. Happy Birthday!
The last night was at Mah and Dah's house. We were all SO exhausted but were also so happy that we were able to spend the week together and make a ton of memories.

Campbell asked me to take this picture. Sweet girl.
And then I discovered the girls had gotten a hold of my oldest. Silly kids.
Well, that is it for Hillapalooza 2015. It is always such a great time of catching up and loving on some family! 

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