Thursday, July 9, 2015

AMAZEum!! // 2015

We love this place. There isn't really a lot needed to caption these pictures. It is just such a fun time for all of us!

This is Dane's favorite place. The giant tree leaves. I have stopped chasing him and just sit below and watch him go back and forth. Every once and a while, he will lean over and look for me.
Chaz loves this thing. If he could stay out here the entire time and climb it, he would be in heaven.
This hair. I swear it grows like crazy!!!
That looks like Gaga, Papa and the hubs being talked into the cave by the baby. Suckers.
Back in the leaves.
This is probably one of my favorites. I love these pipes and such.  You basically put together a path on the magnetic board and drop the balls in to see if they can make it down your track. Chaz and I have the engineer brains and could spend hours in this one spot.
Where is Dane? Oh yeah, right there.
Serving Gaga and brother some ice cream.
We did venture into the water room. This was the first time it had been opened when we were there.  To say the OCD momma with no backup clothes was a little nervous, may be a bit of an understatement.
We ran into one of Dane's buddies there too!
Still here.....
He could live up there, I swear!
Races with Gaga.
And mommy! So fun!
Playing outside on the slate wall!
Guess which kid... I am pretty sure the hair gives him away.
I left the baby with the hubs for what I swear was no more than 7 minutes. I get this text in response to my "Where r u??" Yep, baby in a bucket, shoes and all. You wonder why exhibits like this make me shake in my OCD shoes. The combo of this guy and the hubs.
We left shortly after that... he was soaking wet from head to toe... literally.
Such a fun day! We LOVE the Amazeum!

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