Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th on the Mountain // 2015

After celebrating at my folks house, we headed to celebrate on the mountain. You know this thing + kids + water is always a hit!
OF course you are wearing a tiara, Ella. HAHA!
We had just about every possible water toy we could play with. The car wash hasn't been out all Summer so the kiddos were pumped.
Goofy kiddos!
I adore these kiddos!!
Sweet daddy and his baby! Precious!!
I swear, everybody LOVES this baby.  He is pretty precious!
Could she be any cuter?!?!
We pretty much had the entire neighborhood. It was wonderful! It poured down rain and we had to put everyone in the garage.
Awesome! Chaz thought the rainbow ended in our backyard and was looking for a pot of gold. Silly kid!
I think this pic of Taylor is just precious!
Then it was time for some firework fun!
Brooke was the designated firework lighter person.
Momma and baby sweetness!!!
Once the weather cleared the kiddos resumed playing!
These two. Cuteness!!
Crazyman Dane. Always on! Always.
And he decided to teach Jack his ways!
This face. HAHAHAHAHA!
Clearly these kids love some sparklers!!
And then it was time for the BIG show!! It was a fantastic show!! A+ Stone Mountain!!

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