Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lake Day!! // 2015

If you haven't already figured it out, we have some fantastic friends. Some of our favs are the McGowans. They are one in a million! We love lake says with them!

The kiddos were so excited!!
He was trying to hold his hair. Such the model.
Chaz wanted to take our picture.. Dane wasn't having it.
This was the day that John's dad joined us. They were having a blast playing on the swim mat.
He seriously lost all sanity!
Again with the flips. He loved it!
Everyone was having such a blast!
Daddy and his girl. They are so precious!
Snack time. Future Mr and Mrs.
We booted the boys to enjoy some relaxation.
Sweet girl!
I love both these faces. Dane with his goofy crooked face and KSue looking at him with love and confusion.
Chaz is SOOOOO Good with littles. He adores KSue and she is pretty sweet on him too!!
Let me put this entire thing in my mouth. Yup.
And then this. What?!?
Adoringly looking at Chaz. That face! Swoon!
Crazy lake hair don't care.

John with his diaper life-jacket. Hilarious!
Sleeping baby.
KSue and her grandpa. Precious!

And now back to playing. They seriously had so much fun!
Them some of John and Misti's friends met up with us and we got to ride the jetski.
Chaz was on cloud nine!
Again, lake hair don't care!
Then it was Dane's turn. I am pretty sure his face was about to explode with excitement.
Then it was time to watch John ski behind the jetski.
And then it was KSue's turn!
We stayed and played....
while they tooled around on the jetski.
Somewhere in this we ended up with a busted lip and a bruised leg. #boymom
We had properly worn these kids out! They were fantastic and had a great time!!
These faces. Chaz is laughing but it looks like he is crying!
I'm so tired I'm not tired. Parents worst nightmare.
But how could you not love this face.
I have no clue but it makes me giggle.
Momma and her girl. Adorable!!
Buncha adorableness!!
Such the protector. He adores KSue. Look at him holding the strap to keep her safe.
It was such a beautiful ride back. I love these kids to the moon and back!!
Such a fun and exciting day! This family is pure gold!!!

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