Saturday, May 9, 2015

School picturetime // Spring // 2015

You know my favorite thing in the world is cheesy school pictures. So, when something like this come home in the bag, I am beyond pumped.

I spend several days looking over it, gasping at the ridiculous pricing and showing to my friends. It is usually impossible to pick one picture. Just one?? I mean, look at him!!!

This one was a little easier because his hair was a complete mess. I think the husband tried to spike it but I am not sure what really happened. And it looked red. This was a debate for DAYS on if Dane actually had red hair or not. I am here to tell you, he does not. In the sun, there may be a small hue but his hair is blond, almost white in the summer.

Getcha a good look at these beauties. I am going to be very sad when he start school like Chaz and we only get one shot to choose from. These will be missed! But we still have a few more years before that starts so let us relish in these amazing shots!!!

This was my top picture. I love black and whites, I love the puffer vest, I love his smile, I love it all!!

As with some school pictures of the past, our hair is a little off.  I mean, it isn't THAT bad but it is a little bowl-ish. Either way, I LOVE school pictures. LOVE them. Everything about this makes me smile. From his smile, to the cheesy background, to how his hands are in his pockets. Oh this mamma's heart hurts when my boy keep showing how he is growing up. Ugh. But I love him so much and think he is oh so handsome.
And then the class picture.... I love these. I love looking at everyone's facial expressions, how they may or may not be put together and the grins. The grins make me happy. But let us not dismiss that my child chose one of the only white shirts in his closet for this picture. White? What happened to BRIGHT yellow so I can find you in this sea of children?!?! Second row up, third from the right.

Mrs. Ward's First Grade Class 2015

Fall 2014, Spring 2014, Fall 2013

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