Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial day weekend // 2015

We had a busy Memorial Day weekend. It started celebrating the hubs birthday with friends and family.  I think he had some people who wanted to help blow out candles.
Then we headed to Gaga and Papa's house to hang by the pool with the fam. The baby obviously got the memo that this was going to be a relaxing weekend.
Chaz getting some snuggles with Karlee. Yes, I realize he has wristbands halfway up his arm. He was born in the wrong decade. #80skid
He sat he forever. If you know him, you know this is SO rare it is almost non existent.
Papa and Chaz looking at some of his old year books. Chaz was in awe!
He was still sitting (notice the feet cross) so his brother decided to join him.
And then it was time to celebrate again!!
We were celebrating more than just the hubs. We were celebrating Kelsey's 16th birthday as well as Bettye's belated birthday and Teddy's birthday! Fun times!!
Such a goober!
It was a little rainy but nobody really cared. We were there to have fun!
It was time to sing and dance.. Ok, no dancing... just kidding!
Dane with one of his first loves!
And there is his signature half smile. Preciousness!!
Did I mention it was chilly as well as rainy? Yes, we fired up the fire table. Look at those adorable little piggies!!
And another of his first loves. I am not sure why he was being so lovey but we will take it any day!
Looks like a deep conversation.
Time for presents. Can you tell she was a little excited?
Sharing Papa's treat. They are adorable.
And he opted for a vanilla wafer. Goofy kid!
And then it really started to rain. Baby doesn't care at all!
Well, he didn't care for a little bit. Then he decided he was cold and got back in his clothes....only to go back out in the rain and get wet.
Momma goes inside for 1/2 a second and daddy convinces the baby to jump in fully clothed. Why do I always lose?? #boymom
This form. Amazing.
So fun!
He was a little cold but having a blast with his daddy!
The next day the sun was shining and the kiddo were ready to jump in the second they got up! I made them wait a little while for me to wake up!
Oh and I forgot to mention, if you didn't notice, he is COVERED in tattoos. Yes, he even has some on his chest. He looks like he should be in a motorcycle gang....with the bonus of a farmer's tan.
I am pretty sure this one did not get in the pool the day before. He is a bit like his momma and hates to be cold. Smart boy!
Jumping to brother? Ugh, can this end well? I am nervous!
He doesn't play around with his jumps. All or nothing. It is Dane's way!
Nice job!!
52lbs dripping wet..
Nice flip!
Water wars!!
I even got in on the fun!
He is a little easier to toss! Love the sprawled fingers!
I am not sure what is going on in this picture but it makes me laugh!

Such a fun weekend!! I love the our family!

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