Sunday, May 31, 2015

Happy Hollow Naturals Game // 2015

End of May, this little guy and his school were invited to sing at the Arkansas Naturals Game. He was beyond pumped.

And his buddy, Jack.
The baby didn't seem too excited about it. HAHA! Actually his facial expressions are just THAT good. He cracks me up!
And then he realized I noticed him being silly!
He really wanted on the field with his brother. Sorry, kiddo. That is NOT happening

There he was, our little stud!

How stinkin' cute are all of these kiddos!?!?!
Not interested, at all! So, we sat him in the recliner (Yes, there is a recliner behind home plate!) and let him watch movies on my phone. Whatever it takes!
After they were done singing, they got to enjoy the game. He was pumped!
A little brother time!
This face.
Again, not having it!
I tried for a selfie but my little celebrity refused.
I really didn't think he was going to cooperate with me at all...
But then THESE beauties came through in full force.
I mean, haven't you ever seen eyeballs race? You are totally missing out!
Chaz and his buddies were about to take a tour of the facilities. I sent my camera and the hubs along (teeth clinched) The pictures I got back crack me up! Chaz thought he was on the top of the world!!
Literally a picture of the equipment.
A new level of selfie. I am not even sure how he got my camera to take a picture this close. He is impressive!
We were lucky enough to meet up with one of our favorite families, the Collisters. Beckett is such a doll!!
and so serious!
Or not. HA!
Ethan and Dane are buds. I think they are watching movies on a phone but I am not sure. Goofy kiddos.
He was trying to get them to toss him a ball.
Ella is my little supermodel.....and she knows it!
Selfie time with this dude.
Still trying..
Still very uninterested.
At the very end, the kiddos were able to run the bases. Aven ran with Ethan.
Chaz just sprinted... seriously I barely even saw him so I didn't get very good pictures!
A blur..
Ethan biffed it. But it didn't seem to bother him! Aven's faces are a riot!
Of course the hubs just had to get in the mix. He decided to take the baby on the field..... great idea.
Notice the ONLY adult on the field?!? Yep, he is all mine!
This kiddo was having a ball!

Such a fun Sunday afternoon!!

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