Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cooper (4) and Grady (1) Birthday party // 2014

I have a lot of littles I love very much but these two, these two are special!! They are easily two of my favs (although that is a big bucket of kiddos) Cooper is one of Dane's best friends!  We are so lucky to be so close with his family.

This year, Coop turned FOUR! I simply can't believe it. He is such a sweet little guy and we were so excited to celebrate with him!
 And Grady is ONE! I adore this little guy!!
As soon as we got to Little Gym, Dane had to find his buddy!

"Hey, why yous take our picture?"
And there was this guy. I have no clue what neon Urkel is doing.
They were having a ball. Look at that sweaty hair!
And then madness ensued. These kids had more energy than I can ever even imagine having!!
Even little Grady got in on the action!
Parachute time! I am so glad my "boys" were having fun!
This one makes me giggle. Grady is totally uninterested.
Then it was time to sit the birthday kiddos in the center of the parachute.
Grady wasn't 100% sure about this.
And he decided to voice his opinion. HAHA! Poor guy!
At least he was having fun!
I love this smile! He was having such a good time!
More chaos and fun!!!
These kids were having a blast!
My little circus dude!
The line up for the fun! I couldn't believe how they went from crazy to calm. It was impressive!
I guess they knew what was about to happen!!
This.face!! Amazing!
This boy was totally ready for this!
Bday boy got to go again. Why not!!?!?!
And then it was time for the beast to go. Look at that face! The look of determination is amazing!
Coopers cousins were so cute. Completely surrounded with a bunch of boys, they could handle their own!
He was sooooo ready! He loves this part!
The beast!
And check her out! I love these shots
Birthday boy got to go a bunch! HA!
Again, so glad my "boys" could enjoy the party!
Ninja kicks!

Goofy kids!
And then they were ready for the jumpy blow up. I love these two!!
How cute are all these littles?!?!
And this guy. Such the stud!
Still waiting......
And there it goes!!
They are all just so darn cute!
Chaos and fun! Chaos and fun!!!!
I love this face!
I think he loves his thumb more than the blow up!
Love. Just love!
This is the face of a kid when you tell him it is time to stop playing and go eat cake. Probably the only kid who could really care less about cake.
Happy birthday, little dude!!
Love this grin! He is such the cutie!
So cute! Happy birthday, little dudes!

"I'm totally not impressed...."
All my minions are singing to me. Awesome!
Grady wasn't really sure what to think about the cookie.

I think he was a fan!
Present time!!
Happy Birthday, sweet boys! We simply couldn't imagine our lives without you two! You are so very special to us. I can't wait to celebrate more birthdays with you two!!

Throwback...Welcoming Grady! and Cooper is three, two and new!

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