Thursday, April 30, 2015

April // 2015

April.... here we go!!!

Happy Hollow did a reading contest and because Chaz read above the amount of needed minutes, he got to go with the other winners to the UofA and meet some of the athletes. He was so excited. Check him out (front row #8 jersey)
I love nothing more than having my backyard filled with kiddos. I love to hear the laughter!
Ethan, my buddy, is such the cutie!
I was so happy I got to see Chaz's class perform at Rise and Shine. It just makes my heart swell with pride!
I love this face!
This guy! Always a little ham!
This tree is seriously one of the kiddos favorite things! I love that it continues to show up in posts!
First Friday's in Bentonville are always so fun. This one was a little chilly but still such a good time. The kiddos love these hammer games. Yes, $5 for a silly little toy.
They had to take a ride in Mr. Sam's little red truck!
He doesn't quite fit.
They knew Uncle Shane and Aunt Lisa were coming to visit so they decided to hide and scare them.

This kid loves some candy. He isn't a cake or cookie kid but candy, it is right up his alley!
My mornings consist of this.. Chaz is amazing in the morning! He gets up, gets dressed, teeth and hair brushed, etc all with no complaint. When you live in a house of ZERO morning people, this is quite the accomplishment.
And then we have this... Classic Dane and his mens.
I ordered some spray fans from and this is how the package came. Ridiculous. And to say their customer service was not good is a major understatement. Who does this?!?!
Wrigs. I heart this dog.
Perfect summation of a Sunday afternoon!
This little monkey wasn't feeling 100% due to a ruptured eardrum
but luckily he had his pup!
 And as if that wasn't bad enough, he took a header into the wall resulting in this big ol' goose egg on his forehead. Poor guy!
 I ended up taking the place of the dog and snuggling with my little dude.
Then it was time to celebrate this girl! Isn't she just the cutest?!?!? She was pretty excited to be FIVE!
He wasn't too sure about the skates.
But he actually ended up doing pretty good!

I love this crooked grin!
This boy was all about skating. He is pretty darn good at it!
And this is what happens when the baby is in charge of his own hat. HA!

Happy Birthday, sweet Ella!!
Such the stud!
His daddy got out there to "help him" but I think he actually ended up chasing him. Such cuteness.
And then he wanted to try without the guider.
Captain Crazypants!
Love the fact that the hubs continues to coach for the little guys. He is such a good coach and he was feature for opening day on Fayetteville Youth Baseball's Twitter. Go Ninjas!
Baseball time! He was so excited that his team was red. Which is his second favorite color behind neon yellow!
Sometimes they are super sweet. It doesn't really last long so I have to capture a picture as soon as I see them!
Funny face? Yup...
But this is what he was doing.. Ugh. I love toothless pictures but I hate wiggly teeth!
The next day, it was gone!! He was so excited and I go my toothless picture!
My Saturday mornings are amazing!!

Something is missing.....
I love toothless pictures!!
And he decided he wanted to show me his teeth too! Such a silly dude.
 Quick trip to Lowes and we got conned into these.
And a few days later we were even MORE toothless!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this face!!!
And the winning catch by my boy. I am fairly certain my heart exploded with pride!
Dane playing with his mens on his rock. If he is ever missing, this is where you will find him.
He wants to be like his brother!
Such and awesome group of kiddos and a fantastic coach!
I love this... LOVE it!
Dane is not a good sleeper... wait, let me make sure you understand the full magnitude of this statement. He pretty much didn't sleep through the night until he was TWO. And even once he did he would wake up a few hours after I put him to be (putting him to bed was never the problem) and then putting him to be became the BIG problem. He is his daddy. The night owl. If he had his way, he would stay up until midnight every.single.night. Well, sometimes weird things happen with this boy.. like finding him in the bathroom sleep on the floor with his pillow on the step stool. This kid is something else.
When you have friends over, drag out the selfie stick and annoy your kiddos. CHECK!
And then convince everyone to be cute. CHECK!
And silly. CHECK!
And you get a few normal ones.
Again sometimes, they are great together and I HAVE to snap a picture!
 National sibling day. Yep, I got this! He is the only sibling I have and I am kinda fond of him!
Note: He really did drop me as a baby... just sayin'
I did have a few more projects this month. I painted the frame of the outside couch.
And snazzed up the mini-fridge!
And now for the silly, sweet and maybe a little sour. Enjoy!!

Can you figure it out?   (*hint: look at it upside down)
YESSSSSS! I will return the favor to my sweet little baby!
I had been in a client meeting for 2 hours and come out to this. I think I needed a BIG nap that day! Who does this? I completely left the door open! And, nobody bothered anything as my purse may or may not have been in the front seat. Don't worry. The hubs already scolded me.
and my running shorts don't go running.

Just breathe mommas. We have our days but they will be fine. Just do the best you can and we will all survive this wonderful ride!
This is AMAZING!
I love my circle. Someone once told me "choose to have a few quarters, not a lot of pennies" Since I have become older, I completely agree. I love my quarters!
Someone is mowing our yard.. Why is this funny??
Because we were pretty sure hell would freeze over before the hubs paid for someone to mow the lawn.
This is what happens when you friend is trying to be sweet and put your beer in the fridge so it is frosty cold for you......but forgets to tell you she did this. HA!
Caillou is the devil. He rates at the same level as playdoh and bubbles for me. Extreme dislike. I may bitchslap him if I ever see his whiny ass. Just sayin'
Genius! I will totally be doing both of these!
I love my weirdo!

Happy April, y'all!!!

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