Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Girls weekend!!!

I can't remember the last time I have had a girl's weekend... Oh wait, I haven't since I have had kiddos. Well, the boys went to a football game in the Fall which lead to a girl's weekend (or one overnight) in the Spring! Unfortunately, not everybody could join but we certainly got a great crew who were able to go. I love my tribe.....especially when we start off with this kind of lunch! BONUS!
One of my goals was to buy one of these. I mean, what is a girl's weekend without a selfie stick. Purchased ASAP!
And this was my first photo taken with said stick. Mercy, I really hope I get better!!
A little better...
After some shopping we decided to chill and have some more drinks. Why the heck not, there were no kids or husbands to care for!!!!
That evening we decided to head out on the town for some good food and drinks! Selfie stick is a learning process...
Well, at least everyone is in focus in this one!
Little Insta filter and it is definitely a keeper!
Oh and we met some pirates. You know, normal night in Tulsa. Meaghan was suppose to be in this picture but unfortunately we only got her forehead. Again, the stick is a learning process!
 Another try at dinner. Not the best but not horrible. Love these girls!
Meaghan has quickly become one of my best friends. I love this chick. She is awesome. She is grounded. She is nutty. She is solid. Loves her!
And my Misti. She will give you a toothache, she is sooooooooooo sweet. A heart of gold and a friend until the end. She is amazing!!
This one was taken for a few reasons 1) the look on Steph and Katie's faces. AH-mazing. They are basically telling this guy, with their eyes, that he is a tool because he was an absolute hot mess!!! 2) This place had no Budlight. WHAT?!?! Saturday night and you are out? I cannot compute. 3) Tried to order Michelob Ultra... "Ummm, it isn't cold"  What?!?! What kind of establishment are you running around here?!?! 4) Food was good. That was a bonus because I was staaaaarrrrrrvvvvvvvviiiiiinng!!
We asked a few people where we should go and got a few suggestions. Unfortunately, a lost gaggle of lovely ladies walking around Tulsa was not what we were going for. We passed a few very shady dive bars and unfortunately, we made eye contact at the last one. We were committed. We couldn't run. We couldn't look away. We don't get out much. We took the dive.

We ordered a few pitchers of beer thinking it would be a a good starting amount for our group. The place was advertising "Pitcher Night" so we figured a few pictures and pint glasses would be a good start. They looks at us like we were a little off when we asked for glasses but we just shrugged it off as being the "sophisticated" ones at this establishment. HAHA, joke was on us! This is what we got... mini pitchers. We could not stop laughing. After the odd dinner experience, it was like the gods were against us. These mommas just wanted to have a good time.
A few of the mommas decided to call it an early night because they were either tired, had to leave early in the morning or not feeling so well BUT there were three of us who decided to live it up-- Jen, April and myself. Bring it on!!
We had.a.blast. AND we were slowly mastering the selfie stick!!! Yes, I brought the selfie stick to the bar. I don't know these people so why do I care? We were heart set on having fun!
We made some friends. I am fairly certain we were the oldest people in the bar. I guess we can still hang with college peeps.
Not sure why my mouth is open in every picture. I guess that is "I am having fun" face.
Random dudes wanted to borrow the selfie stick. They didn't think it was as hard as we were leading on... Go ahead, try it. They did pretty good!
Oh wait, the entire bar wants in?? Ok, let's do it!
And once we got back to the hotel, we found this awesome couch and decided to get a few more shots for the memories. #mommasgonecrazy  #selfiestickfails
You just have to giggle. They are THAT good!!
Wait! It is IN focus! WHAT?!?! Oh yeah, and the later it gets, the bigger my smile gets, it could totally overtake my face. Wowza!

If you can't look good after a night out, you can at least find the silly!
And one of my favorite pictures ever! I love these girls!! L.O.V.E!!!
We MUST, MUST, MUST do this again!!! This was such a fun weekend!!!

March // 2015

March is a complete smorgasbord of nonsense but it was a good month! Enjoy!

Have mens will travel. Yes, they got everywhere with us!
I love getting to see my boy get awards at school. Love this kiddo!!
And we usually get a visit from a friend or two. I love this school!!

Play no attention to the sugar and cinnamon on face. He is still such a dollface!
We spent some time with the Lanes. Always a good time!!
Goofy kid. I am not sure how this happened but Uncle Mike did it.. I blame him for this random pipe cleaner selfie.
And yes, Momma can photobomb with the best of them!

I love him! LOVE him!
The buddies. Aren't they adorable??
Cold evenings result in lots of kiddos and parents inside. It gets a little crazy but it is always a good time!!
Yes, we decided to do some stupid human tricks. The kiddos were so excited.
ALL of the "kiddos" got in on the action. Dude, seriously?!?!
Back to the REAL kiddos!
Or not. HAHAHA!
I love John's face in this picture. Hilarious!!!
Elli cracks me up!
The kid who NEVER lets me take his picture. I guess he was proud of himself and wanted some documentation!
Taylor was so good! Like a statue!
And when Mr John is the support, things get nutty!
And then the expert shoes them how it is really done!
Literally 3 minutes later...
And this is what happens when you wash his lovey.
Our dog likes to sit on kids. Yes, this happens. All.the.time!!
Pure heaven! Those lashes!!
Crazy bedhead don't care!
So I hear this little voice from upstairs yelling "Moooooooooooooooooom. Mooooooooooooom, please help me! Moooooooooooooooooooom" I walk up to see this. He did this to himself. Yes, this is my life!
Let's go back to pure sweetness.
Nothing says fun like a Chuck E Cheese party! Yip! Yip!
Our favorite. I heart this game!!
He loves this. LOVES it!!
Anything for a photo!!
Birthday girl!! Adorable!!!
And yes, we always have to do this. I should have made a book of just these pictures!!!
Getting ready to chomp!
And the obligatory "The party made me pass out" picture.
The mens. Everywhere.
When you are three you think you can do anything and when you put your clothes on, there are some struggles.
This is a daily occurrence.  Puppy love.
I don't even know what to say. He is awesome. #sweatbandsmakeyoucool
I am starting to see a pattern. If you follow me, you know there is a least one set a month of "Chaz selfie bombs" I just can't help but love them. This is when he stole the phone and retreated to the bathroom. Hence the weird lighting.
And in the car. This kid!
After I found those, I made him take this. Such a handsome little dude!
He was my date to Chick-fil-a. This was the beginning of Spring Break and in between me working on projects/organizing/cleaning, we were determined to have fun!
Dane and KSue's first date. This will go down in the books. Note: he put his shirt on backward but he does get points because it says he loves his mom.
And the boys defending us against the evils of the world.
I guess I should have made a book of sleeping babies too. This one, was taken in my bed. I could do without a toddler in my face but at least he sleeps good when he decides to join us.
You may remember the November post when he went 18 days in costume. So he pulled this out this month. I was a little worried we were about to have another marathon....
But it was just for a day! Superhero day at school!!
I don't even know what this face is about but I love it.
More Spring break. I loved my lunch dates with this boy!
And we went to Fastlanes. It was his request and it WAS Spring Break, how could I deny him???
I even let the baby play hookie!

And we were joined by lots of friends. Such good times!
We did lots of other fun things too! Lots of bowling, friends time, play time, sleepovers, shopping trips, etc. I think I would say Spring Break 2015 was a success!
And Fastlanes was definitely my friend!!!
And here is proof of my work--- I chalk painted an old filing cabinet, recovered an ottoman, recovered a lamp and painted a wall in the bar/theater room. I also painted the hallway, kitchen/breakfast nook, powder room, another hallway and the living room. Go me.
That weekend we headed to the baseball field to celebrate Uncle Cameron's birthday. This is a tradition and such a good time!!
Anna is so good to Dane. Of course he brought his mens.. HA!
Call 'em!

Such a great group of kiddos celebrating a great guy!
We even had a visitor. Dane was all about the fist bumps.
Do you know how big a deal it is for a brother to share his iPad??? Big. Huge. Insane!
He was happy with his cute little crooked smile!
Lunch with my boys while the Hubs was showing houses. The Deli it is! Love this place and love that my kids will eat it too!
Even if they choose to eat their ice-cream like a doofus.
I love this face! LOVE!
And this one! They really are my everything!!
And the one I have a total love/hate relationship with. This damn dog. She is a hot mess. She can find any water or mud pit available. And yes, I totally locked her in the shower and told the hubs to deal with this nonsense.
Do you think she knew she was in trouble?!?!
I guess it was a hard day at school. HAHA!
KSue came to play. She loves Chaz's Legos.
Little buddy wasn't feeling very good. Good thing Stone was there to comfort him.
Waling out to see this warms my heart. I love when they can play together without being told. Chaz was being sweet and tracing Dane's hand. Precious!
And now onto the things that make me smile and giggle.

Minions.... How do they NOT make you smile??!!?
When I come home with this on my front porch.... my parents love me and I am a dork who did a happy dance when getting a new vacuum!
If it is true, it is true. Just sayin'
Some days this is totally true!
I know my role. You are welcome, friends!
Some days..
HAHA! I can't help that this is funny.
Tis true.
This is true. Happiness!
Some people.

I love this. I know my tribe.You ladies are AMAZING!!!
This is a good motto!
Even PowerRangers go to time out.
And my fav... Nothing like your mom catching you singing in the shower. Yes, this will be on the High School graduation reel. Priceless.

Happy March, Y'all!!