Saturday, December 6, 2014

Placing in respect // 2014

Last year we did not do this as a family because of terrible weather. Being the amazing man he is, the hubs went to represent our family and make sure our loved one's wreathes and the wreathes of other's loved ones were placed.

We really make this a priority in our family. We go every year (last year and one other year when it was icing are the exceptions, the hubs went for us both years) with the goal to teach our children what this is all about. I want them to understand the sacrifice, not only of those who have lost their lives, but of all who have served our great country.

I want my children to walk across a busy restaurant to thank a serviceman or servicewoman for their service. As of now, everyone but the baby does this. He will learn soon enough.
 The little one wasn't feeling 100%. He literally laid down and took a nap. Right there. I guess this is ok if you are three. Poor guy. The newspaper took a picture of him because he was that cute.
A nice gentleman came and put this jacket over him because it was a little chilly. His head wasn't completely covered, it just looks like it from this angle. HA!
 Chaz and Aunt Sandra working to start placing the wreathes.
  He understands. I am so glad he understands.
He is always the one responsible to help Meme put a wreath for Papa. He never had a chance to meet him, in person that is. I always say my Papa sent me both my boys. It makes me heart warm.
 I love this. My heart just exploded.
 Straightening the ribbon is always a must.
 We also place one for my cousin. He is so missed. 
I love that Dane was into it too. He doesn't understand as he is still too young but he will. He will go with us every year. He will hear the Mayor and others speak. We will explain to him just as we did his brother. This is necessary. This is a must.
 He was proud of himself. He should be. Precious boy.
 Then he had to straighten it and make it look perfect. Good job, buddy!
 He learned from one of the best!
 Bless you all. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Thank your families for their sacrifice. Thank you for giving us the honor to honor you every year. 

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