Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day // 2014

Yep, he made a visit! I love Christmas morning. The faces. The faces of them walking in to see what Santa has left them. I always ask them a ton of questions about what they want so they aren't heart set on something specific. This make sure 1) they don't bust me on the whole Santa thing 2) they are super surprised. I remember walking into this living room when I was a kid. It is very bizarre to be on the other side of the camera but SO much fun!
Dane still doesn't get it but Chaz certainly does. I think we only have another year with Chaz believing but I hope it extends forever!
He was so excited and confused. Crazy pants.
And there he goes. he finally sees it!
And he finally sees his laptop! That face!
He was so excited!!
And then they wanted to dig into the rest of the fun goodies. Kyle was wanting in the action too!
The stocking. It is one of my favorite things. This thing is stuffed with traditions. The kids didn't quite get it but I think it is funny to watch them -- lifesavers, tictacs (or tictocs as Dane says) nuts, oranges.....
And an apple? "What is dis?!?" followed by a ton of laughter. Love this kiddo.
Have you ever seen a three year-old try to work a remote control? It is good time.
Now they are ready to roll! So cute. Seat belts and all!
Love these two. Love!
This face!

There is that plate again. See Pinfail/win. Not sure which one. Next year will be better.
Dane was so confused... SO confused.
"He should NOT have eaten dis. Why did he eat dem??"
My baby. He will always be! Yes, that is a Sonic iced tea in the background. I have learned over the years to be smart enough to buy TWO on Christmas Eve, knowing they were closed on Christmas day.
Wait, I have another. He is just so hard to get to sit still. Three.
I love this. They adore my kiddos so much. And yes, my dad is fully showered, shaved and dressed. Every year. The rest of us are slobs in our pjs but not my Popsicle!
He always wants to help Papa hand out the presents. He has such a kind heart and is more concerned with others getting their presents. I heart this kiddo......and his neon wristbands and no shirt.
I love the excitement of a kiddo on Christmas. He loved the unwrapping but it took him forever. The tiniest little pieces, morsels of wrapping paper, taken one bit at a time!
And this goofball. I think he loves Christmas too!
Hawkeye. Or "Hot guy" as BOTH my children have called him. He loves his "mens" so when we can add one more to the tribe, it is a good day.
Hot guy, let me introduce you to gold Spiderman.
Spirograph. Did you have one? I think I may be more pumped for this than the kiddo is.

And everything comes to a halt. We play with mens. We are done opening presents and we will play with mens.....forever.
This was forced.. totally forced. All he wanted to do was play with his mens.
Yes, that mens session was pretty long... we had to make up with some unwrapping quickly!
I think Lisa got behind as well. She was like me and just enjoyed watching the kiddos open.
And again, they wanted to play. I love this.
So did Uncle Shane and Kyle.
The box. My absolute favorite thing ever. I remember a few years back talking to my mom about how the boys needed a box. I mean it is tradition. She thought it was weird but now they like it just as much as I do! This thing is filled with lots of goodies. Most of it is pretty practical which is why I love it.  For the kiddos -- underwear, DVD, socks, small toys, candy, etc. For the adults -- underwear, socks, Slim Jims, candy, hand soap, sugar scrub, cologne/perfume, gift cards, dish towels, kitchen utensils, etc. LOVE!!
Then we eat breakfast pizza (AH-mazing) and clean up. After we have cleaned up, dressed, loaded the car, etc. The rest of the family comes over for our gift exchange. We all trade names but I always cheat and get Meme something. She is my only living grandparent and I adore here. I decided this year, she probably didn't need a new sweatshirt or clock (which are kinda her thing) so I would do something more meaningful.
I had a friend create this tree for a baby shower last spring and decided to have him change the bottom to say "Our Family." Then I had it printed on canvas. On Thanksgiving, when the ENTIRE family is at my parents house, I would sneak them into the office and have them place their fingerprint on the tree. She loved it!!
This is literally HOURS later. Still playing with Hot Guy Hawkeye.
And then there is this... If you remember several years back, my hubs made the tragic mistake of saying to my dad "I will pretty much eat anything" Yep, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea. First year was pickled pigs feet, next was something else super gross (I believe I blocked it from my brain) and this year is this. Gross.

This is the face of "Really, why did I ever say that? WHY?!?!?!?"
Now this guy, this guy will really eat anything and he tends to like it. Ugh.
Here he goes!
I don't think he likes it. What do you think??  HAHAHA!!!
Then it was time to go over the river and through the woods to Mah and Dah's house we go! Note: it takes roughly 15 minutes for the adults (aka Dah) children to start asking about opening presents.
Again, handing out the presents. They are such good helpers!
Sweet Campbell Kate. I love that we have all these littles. If you could hear the noise level in this room, you would probably plug your ears... but it is so much fun!
More mens. Yep, more!
Here is a bigger picture of the chaos! people, kids, presents everywhere!!!
Dah. Love this man. He asked for some money so he could buy some stuff for his truck and computer. He is so practical, I love him.
So the hubs went to the bank and got a ton of ones and put them in a kid shoe box. Love this face!
Soooooo, remember the tree I did for my Meme? Well, I did it for the Mother-in-law too. You see, Rhonda is a crier. Always has been, always will be. It seems to be a thing if we can get her to cry. I knew this would do it. Again, I had it printed on canvas but this time I shipped it directly to the North Carolina Hills. they put their finger prints on it and shipped it back to me. We then took it to everyone's houses and had them add in. Every family has their own color. The kiddos knew so they were so excited. Her's says "The Hill Family" I also framed a very large family portrait we had done in July. Yes, tears. I got tears.
The kiddos went missing for a bit and I found them playing Nerf bow and arrow in the garage. Boys.
A little while later, I find the men boys in the garage drinking beer and playing with the hanging tennis ball. Annnnnd this is what happens 30 years later.
Marcy and Cameron wrote Mah and Dah a song for Christmas. It was amazing. There were tears but this time it was from belly laughing.
And they were nice enough to sing it for us. HAHAHA!
Sweet Davis!
My mancrush. The hubs. It has been a looooooooooooooooong day!
I have no idea. Jackson was being super silly but I love him!!
And then this happened. What is Mike doing? Hiding from the pickled eggs.
 Yes, we bring the "food" to the Hills. My dad loves that the hubs makes his brother/brother in-law/father/nephews/nieces/aunt/anyone else who wants to play, do this. BAHAHA!
I don't think he likes it. HA!
And this is how Miss Campbell Kate and I felt about it!
I heart her!
EA falls in the category with my dad. She will try anything. AND she said "Oh, they aren't bad" WHAT?!?!?!
And the hubs had to give it another go, as if the morning egg wasn't bad enough?!?!
Yes, it is going to be that bad..
And there is that face.
Chaz and Ben playing mini air hockey. Again, my kid never wears a shirt. What a goofball.
Campbell, Dane and the iPhone became BFFs.
Look at those piggies!!
My heart is FULL. SuperFULL. I love my family. I love our traditions. I love every bit of the holiday season! It is overwhelming and exhausting but it is my favorite. So much family, so many friends, so much fun, so much love, so many laughs, so many giggles!! Love it all!. Merry Christmas, everyone!!

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