Saturday, November 22, 2014

Why do they get their birthdays before me?? // November 2014

I always said this growing up. "why does everyone get their birthday's before me??" Why you may ask? Because my entire immediate family all have birthdays in November and within a week of each other and mine is in February. All by it's lonesome. So in my silly little mind, everyone got theirs first. It still makes me laugh because I would get so angry about it. Now when the boys ask why they can't have their birthdays now, I feel my mom's pain of telling me "You can't change your birthday. It isn't possible." All you hear is "No." Poor kiddos. It gets better, promise!

So with that, we celebrated my mom, dad and brother's birthday one weekend. It is so nice to be able to have him in town to celebrate with us.

The boys had some sweet time before the celebrations began.
Evan, Sidney, Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Jimmy were able to join us too. They were babysitting the kiddos so it worked out quite nice.  Evan was totally drawn to the Power Ranger mask and sword. And shockingly, Dane shared it with him!!! We are still working on those sharing skills.
But he was sly enough to hid his men in the tree. Silly kid.
The kiddos disappeared for a while and then we heard a ruckus. I walked into the back bedroom and discovered chaos. Complete chaos. It reminded me of me and my cousins when we were little. I didn't correct them. I just let the madness go on.
Hiding under the bed. Their cute little faces, tushes and feet. They didn't think we could see them.
We settled them for a movie. Again, look at Dane sharing. WHAT?!?! Aren't they adorable??
Oh wait, we have been still for 2 minutes. Let's be crazy again!

Then we decided to sugar them up! Cake time!!!
and pie. Some of the folks like a little pie.
The kiddos were so excited. All they wanted to do was sing!
We go in order of birthdays so Papa was first!
Then it was uncle Shane's turn! Yes, that is him in the background. The kids were totally taking center stage. Shocking, I know.
Then it was Gaga's turn. She is the pie lover!
And a quick birthday punch!
You would think it is his birthday. Thank goodness my family loves this kid!
He was all up in everyone's business.
I looked down to see this. He is so cute!
Dane stole Uncle Shane's new beanie. It was hilarious!! He thought he was so sneaky and funny. I love this kiddo!!
Mom's turn!
Daddy got her a beautiful Pandora bracelet with charms for everyone. He is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever known!
The kids retreated to their beds to read books.
And then the best birthday present of all, beating up your Uncle. I guess this is just part of being a boy. They are crazy!
Sweet Lisa. They adore her!
I love my family and I love that we make the time in our busy lives to celebrate one another. I love that my brother and Lisa were able to come in for the weekend (we almost always spend this weekend together!) Fun times had by all!!

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