Wednesday, November 26, 2014

School Turkeys // 2014

I love being able to take a little time out of my day to join the Thanksgiving celebrations at the boys' schools.

First up, the boy. We were challenged to disguising a turkey for his homework the week before. This is what the boy decided on. Acorns and leaves. Super cute.
I signed up to make the pilgrim hats. Let me just say, I am crafty but I could not be a teacher! I have so much respect for what they do every single day! I am amazed by their patience, persistence and commitment to our babies. I would fail. Fail miserably, in so may ways. I wouldn't have the above qualities (except the commitment, I love me some kiddos) but just the random skills they possess. I would fail. I can paint, build, sand, etc but making 15 pilgrim hats about did me in. Seriously. I am not sure why it was so hard but in the end I was very frustrated that they weren't perfect. Maybe it is just the OCD! Oh well, he loved it!
And yes, I brought along my oldest kid the hubs.
They just couldn't get it together to pose for my pictures.....
Not sure what he is looking at but this is as good as it was going to get.
My turn... and yes, more hamming it up.
Finally! I heart this kid!
 Love me some selfies with my buddy!
 We stayed for lunch and the program. I love watching the littles sing. Adorable.
Look at all of those awesome pilgrim hats!
Next up, the baby. He was wired when we got there. I will say, he tries for the picture opportunities but is not always successful. Adorable, right??
Sweetness, Cooper.
I don't think they were impressed.
Yes, the oldest child hubs joined for this one as well. And we wonder why the kids are so silly!?!
 And you know I love me a selfie!
Loved finding this hanging up for all to see! I am so thankful for you to, sweet baby!!
And this just made me giggle. First I giggled at the artistic ability of my baby. He is just a crazy kid. He is haphazard and not organized. He is his father's child. But then I looked at the top to see what it was suppose to be.......Ummmmmmmmm, Brocasoras?? I never knew that existed. Maybe they should have known...or googled it. Seriously. #OMGtheyareteachingmybaby #theonetimeiamthankfulforturnover

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