Sunday, November 30, 2014

November // 2014

Let the November randomness begin!!

I love this face. He loves to climb in bed with me in the morning and give snuggles. I refuse to complain. He won't do it forever so I will just relish in this time.
So something happened this month. We thought it was just a one day thing. You know, the feed off of Halloween. Dane turned into a super hero!! We quickly found out it was not just a one day thing. I thought about putting all the pictures together for you but instead I decided to stagger them throughout this post as they were on my phone. Stay tuned.
She is still here after 3 months. She has taken over my favorite chair and is annoying Wrigley. Yep, baby sister may be staying after all.
I love when the neighborhood kiddos come over and decide to jump in my bed for a movie with my boys. It makes it feel like the village it is. Love me some Jack!
Day two. He added in his shield to this ensemble. 
The superhero had to go get a super hero haircut from his Meme. Notice the pants, he is still in superhero gear.
Chaz needed his wig split too!
Then she decided to start doing this. I mean, this dog. Poor Wrigs. Who wants their sibling to find a seat on their head??! What the heck is wrong with this silly dog.
Still going. We really didn't think it would last this long. If you are counting, we are now on day 4. He wore the costume everywhere-- out to eat, carwash, shopping, school, brother's school, etc. I have to say, most people are awesome! We got a ton of fun interaction, some high fives and lots of giggles. We also got some judging jerks but we won't even talk about them because they must lead a sad life if this cutie doesn't make you smile.
Damn dog. At it again.
Night with daddy equals dinner on the porch complete with a dishrag from a bib. So cute.
We decided at this point, we should start numbering them. He just keeps going and going. Oh, and I should probably mention, we didn't encourage this at.all. He would wake up and ask to wear it. This kid has a mind of his own.
If you don't do it, you can't bitch. Just saying.
Sweet boys.
and the dog. Oh this dog!
Still going.
This night I decided it was time to wash it. Now, before you judge my mommy skills, know that he was not letting it out of his claws. The first few days he actually slept in this thing. I physically couldn't get it off of him. The only way I got it out of his hands this day was to wait until the Superhero was sleeping.. Yay for the Superhero's momma!!!
I forgot to add the number but this was day 7. It because so known that if I had not posted to insta/FB I would get calls, texts, IMs, etc asking if he wore it again. I loved how much everyone was into our little cutie.
And yes, he wore it to a birthday party. It doesn't matter, he is adorable!
Happy birthday, Jackson!!
I love when I can join the boy for Rise and Shine at his school. I adore him and his awesome hair!!
And then this happened. WHAT?!?!?! He changed it up on me! This scared me, we have a bazillion costumes so this could go on for months, and made me happy, I could wash them every night! Yay for a clean superhero!!
Back to his go-to costume. I love that he was shy this day.
And yes, everywhere.. Marching through Buffalo Wild Wings like a boss.
This pup has taken over our lives. That human under his paw is my hubs and yes, she is UNDER the covers.
Baby selfie, why not!
And now we are a Power Ranger, complete with sword and mask. He is a beast.
And he ends up in my bed sometimes. I love him so!
And some Saturday mornings you decided you need to sit on your dad's head while wearing your underwear. He is awesome.
And then on Sunday he hangs with his BFF and messy hair.
Day 11. I love the rear view mirror shot my husband sent me. He looks amazing!!
Do we have a new fav? I believe so!
Smooches. Why wouldn't you kiss your pup on the mouth?!?!
And then Spiderman went to Walmart.
Back in my bed. This kid. And he isn't the best at getting out of bed in the morning which makes it really hard for his momma to leave the morning snuggles.
Still going strong. Day 15.
Back to the original.
WHAT!?!? WHAT?!?! He decided he needed a day off and just wanted to wear regular clothes. Could it be over?
And some days the boys in up in brother's bed. I love these boys. They are so sweet when they are sleeping.
As you probably noticed, Dane stole the spotlight this month. I think this one was trying to get some showtime.
Chaz would never fall for it but I did try to convince Dane I ate all of his Halloween Candy. He was not a fan of mine.

Could this be any sweeter?
Yep, sure could.
Such the cutie!
Yep, it isn't over yet.
We headed downtown to celebrate Jackson's birthday and the lighting of the square. SUCH a fun night! The baby was in shock and Chaz was a little too excited!
 Selfies in the cold with the baby are fun! This was long before selfie sticks, people. You had to just figure it out.
And then this. Worst selfie fam picture ever. Chaz was not happening. It makes me laugh.
The baby was so happy to see the lights.
My sweet niece Anna. I loves her!
Parade time.
During dinner the kiddos made all kinds of decorations for the window. Although it is dark, I was able to get a quick picture of Chaz with all the work. The kiddos were so proud of themselves.
Just one more time for giggles.
I think he was worn out. Apparently they all sleep better in my bed.
A little birthday celebration for my girl, Misti! Loves her!!
Elli, could she be any cuter?
I don't think Hayes signed up for a little brother but he really doesn't seem to mind.
He tried to trick me into thinking he was asleep. For some reason, I didn't fall for it. Goofy kid.
Sometimes the neighborhood kiddos end up at my house. I'm ok with 3 extra for a little while. Especially when they are sleeping.
The selfie rage continues.
This kid can photobomb my phone like a boss. Below is the full breath of what he actually did. Madness.
My hubs, the baby whisperer.
Leaves. My favorite part of the fall.
Have I mentioned my husband is AMAZING?!?! I was sick, really sick and what does he decide to do?? Take our boys and Hayes to Silver Dollar City for the day. I am telling you. He is one of a kind. Taken, ladies. Taken!
We had to make sure Stone wouldn't be having any baby Stones any time soon so we got her fixed. Chaz was so nurturing to her. Precious.
One last showing! This makes 18 days over the course of about 25 days. I think it is absolutely hilarious!
And now for some inspiration and laughter!
Looks like Chaz has a plan on our family calendar. "Spin the nite at Hayes" Yep, hilarious.
I have seen this floating around Facebook and it makes me giggle. 1) because it is funny...
2) Because of this. It is like he saw this years ago!
Old. I'm sooooooooooooooo old!
Heehee. Giggle. Just giggle.
Have you ever had to get one out of your toilet because your baby flushed it? Oh, we have. My hubs may have some tips. I received a text from one of my girlfriends who said "Ummm, just thought you should know your husband has your toilet out in the front yard" Ummmm, OMG.
Damn skippy.
I love this! LOVE!
I completely agree. Just be you. If people don't like you, they are missing out!
So I was hanging out with my pops in their shop and I found this on the bottom of a tin. I have no idea when or where she got this but it makes me laugh. "Hi! My name's Kandis and I'm a winner" What is creation, mom? Where? What? BWHAHAHAHA!!
Everyday can be a good day!
so this is random but I found this on my phone. Obviously, I took a screen shot because I loved it. Well, I still love it but have no idea where to get it. Friends, help a sister out!
HAHA! Try not to laugh!
And I save the best for last. Be gangster and laugh at yourself! I promise, you will have more fun in life!

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