Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving some thanks // 2014

There is something about the start of the holiday season. Lots of food, family, friends and fun. I love it. It is really my favorite time of the year!  I could do without the cold weather but this day wasn't too bad.

Isn't there also something about the kids table? You know you remember being at this table. At least they get to be in the same room. I am pretty sure we were never in the same room as the adults. HA! Note: that empty plate was to be for Dane but he couldn't wait to eat so I fed him and put him down for a nap. Score one for momma! The remaining kids were doing a good job of profiling for my camera. Goofballs!
 And then there is this. Oh my hubs. Yep, that is a bowtie. Isn't he awesome!?!?

I followed the littles outside to get some pictures. I love them so!
 Dollfaces. Love them!
 And then I headed over to the tree house to find the other two. Precious.
 And I love that he is sporting his Papa's hat. Such a cutie!
 Back to reading time just like a few weeks ago. I think this is becoming a "thing."
And then I walked in to find this buncha goodness. Yep, Sid had joined Kelsey for some Wii Dance. Fall on the floor hilarious!!!
And the sweet boys retreated to the play area. I was so pleased with how well they were playing together. They were really being so sweet!!
 and my little gambler headed to the table with Gaga. He tends to win. It is scary. 
 And then maybe my favorite of the entire day... Classic photo bomber. HAHA! This kid!!
 I had to crop it because well, she is one of my favorites!
 Sweetness! He adores her!
 And Michelle and Mark.
 I love my family. LOVE them. I love that we can be in all parts of the house, both inside and outside, and have a great time with everyone. Unfortunately, my camera battery died right after this last picture so I missed getting pictures of the rest of the fam. *insert sad face* but the good news is, I have now purchased a second battery so this hopefully won't happen again.

We also spent the evening with the other side of the family. Again, damn camera battery... not gonna happen again. *boooo hissss*

All I got were these from my phone. I guess they will have to do. 

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