Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween // 2014

And here he is.. The Grim Reaper. It really kinda weirded me out to see my kid look like this. Creepy.
And of course, Spiderman. This kid loves his superheros!
The eyes... creepy!
Seeing the Grim Reaper in an elevator is weird. But the blue shoes and orange bucket make it a little less scary.
Sweet little Lilah!
I guess the Reaper has to take off his mask to battle Spiderman. And since when do Spiderman and the Reaper play Foosball?
For our Halloween we usually go to my SIL's neighborhood but because our neighborhood has grow so much, we decided to try a year here. We gathered up the neighborhood, scarfed down some pizza and headed out. My parents are awesome (which is very known via past posts) and brought up the rhino and a trailer full of hay bails. AMAZING!!!

For the full festivities, he changed to Captain America. Isn't he the cutest little Captain America you ever saw?!?!
We had some pretty scary creatures!
And some pretty cute little ones!
A Grim Reaper photobomb. I mean, would it be Halloween without one?
How fun is this?!?!
Sweet Jaelyn decided she was going to help with Dane. I just love this girl!!
AJ was awesome. His costume was glowing!
Ummmmm, did someone forget the baby???
"Hi, new neighbors Kali and Grant. This is pretty much your entire neighborhood!" They were awesome and gave out full size candy bars. Chaz couldn't stop talking about it....for days!
Dane wanted his Papa to take him to the last house. So cute!!
Genius neighbor Areta wins an award. Fruit snacks vs candy. A+, friend!
Jack was pretty pumped about it too!
Momma and Eli were riding in style in the back of the rhino. They were cold!
And Taylor was nice enough to collect lost items. HAHA! "Who's is this??"
Hudson making sure Dane doesn't fall backwards. Such a sweet kiddo!
Jack and his daddy snagged a ride in the front of the Rhino!
Them crazy Jorges!
And my creepy used car salesman husband pretending to use the porta potty.. or did he use it? Hell, I can't remember. He is a nut!
This is what I married... yep, he is all mine. Step back, ladies!
Dane retreated to our bed to cuddle with Kyle. I miss this little guy. :(

What a wonderful Halloween! We had a ton of people and a great time! I can't wait for the years to come!

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