Friday, October 31, 2014

October // 2014

October.... we had a LOT of fun in October. I mean look, the kids were wearing shorts and short sleeves. What could be better than that???
I love when Chaz draws me. It is always the same. I have a bow, I haven't worn a bow in my hair since seventh grade. I have moles and freckles, that is me! I have a necklace with three charms, I wear this everyday. I have a charm for each of my boys. I don't think I will ever take this one off my fridge. I heart it so much!
Here is the second installment of "How to make a treehouse." If you remember this post, you will remember at the end he was a total expert and wrote Volume 1.

Sunset on the mountain. I love this place!
I am not sure why this year's Happy Hollow Harvest Festival didn't get it's own post like years past, but it didn't and I am SO far behind on blogging, I am not going to argue with my OCD self. We are just going to keep on rolling. 

He was all cowboyed up. I hope this shirt still fits next year. If not, he will be borrowing something from me or wearing a bandana with his UnderArmour because his wardrobe doesn't contain much else.
Little bro was looking super cute too!
He loved this. I mean who doesn't love sliding down hay bails covered with plastic. Fun times!
As usual, we ended up on the playground. Always. Always.
And we had to ride the ponies. He loves the ponies!
Potato sacks, anyone? I was a little focused on the baby but that was only because the boy ran away with his buddies.
This hubs of mine. The life of the party. All.the.time.
Notice... he is in the background. Yes, he was racing children and this was the one instance he let them win. Shameful. Simply shameful.
Yep. He has no shame. This face is amazing to me. His and his kiddo's.
I love, love, love this shot. He seriously got it the first time. Must have been all that training on the pumpkin patch. HA!
Sometimes I get a little crafty. I really think I should have started posting my Pinterest wins and fails. Trust me, there have been MANY fails. This one would have been a win. I LOVED this cute little guy!! The second polka dot dude needed a little work but I would still call it a win.
I love my multilayer distressed frames. Another Pinterest win!
I FINALLY found a cabinet for my dining room. Yes, we have lived in this house for FOUR years and my dining room consisted of a table and chairs... fail. I think I had my mind so set on what I wanted and I refused to spend a fortune because one day I will probably want to paint it. Right now it is PERFECT!
So once I got all that put together, I got a wild hair. Gold stripes. Yep, gold. Yep, stripes.
That wild hair resulted in a post with the most likes I have ever received. This little guy got 173 likes. Really? More than when I had a baby? Probably not really, I didn't go back and check. It just seems like a crazy amount for a wild hair! HA! People are crazy and apparently like gold stripes.
My sweet little lunch date one day. I love him. Even if he has ice cream all over his face!
Sometimes they are so super sweet to each other. I am not sure why they are snuggling on my floor but I will take it!
Lunch with buddies equals sharing your super cool avenger wrist bands.
Family movie night! Seriously, this is one of my favorite traditions. We just all crawl in bed and watch a movie. Popcorn and giggles are a must. Usually at the end we are either all asleep or ready for everyone to go to their own beds. No matter the outcome, we love it.
FMN selfie!
And sometimes we actually get out of the house and celebrate some wonderful friends. Like this guy. Neighbor and pal extraordinaire! Happy Bday, Mr Dave!
I love this. Love this! My girls!
Poor buddy had to go in for a filling. Like I said here, I really love this place. I think they are amazing. He twitched a little and had a few tears but he was so strong and I was a proud momma!

And then we went home for some R&R with momma. I am a sucker and don't make him go to school after his visit. He is usually asleep for several hours afterwards.
And even when he wakes up, he isn't completely ok. He reacts to meds like his momma. Zombie.
We made it!
Fall. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. There is nothing like the colors of our fall trees. I literally pulled to the side of the road to take this picture because I was so in love!!

I mean. Couldn't you just eat them up?!?!
I am certain I have mentioned it before but the hubs can cook. Really cook. He is so good that I can probably count the times I have cooked over the past year. In my defense, he actually enjoys cooking and I do the cleaning. It is a good balance.. I get this kind of meal almost everyday. Be jealous.
And then, after a VERY long day, I get this. He is awesome!
And to be fair, we really both deserve special treats because this is our daily life. I wouldn't change it for the world but sometimes, momma needs a time out.
So there is this little thing in October called Halloween (it will be a separate post, promise) in prep for Halloween I took Chaz to Walmart to look for costumes. I wasn't planning on buying but rather just looking around. He has been picking his costumes for several years now, mostly different colored ninjas but this year... ummmm. He picked this. Yep, that is the Grim Reaper. I sent it to the hubs who responded "really?" and then I sent it to my mom who responded "No. Please, no"  Needless to say, I said yes. I mean, it has glowing red eyes. Who can deny a kid glowing red eyes?!?! The hubs just happened to be at the other Walmart and I sent him a text that said "I forgot to buy the sickle. Can you grab one?" Yes, file that under 'texts I never thought I would send.'
and in the spirit of Halloween. I found this beauty on the interwebs.. How can you not laugh? If I had a baby with curls, they would totally be Bruno!
Sweet brotherly love. Twice in one month? I wonder if they were just cold.
Any sometimes my husband is the best conversationalist ever....................
We spent some time with our sweet friends. We love the Lanes and Chaz is SUCH the fan of Grady.
And these two are the best of buds. Such cuties!
The hubs tried to read them in a book and get them to sleep in the same bed but the excitement was just WAY too much for them. Bunk buddies did not happen that night. Sorry kiddos. Maybe next time!
If you haven't noticed, I love littles. All of them! I love when my house is full of the neighborhood kiddos. Most of them are bigger so it is just a bunch of crazy monkeys running wild. Some days are a little different and we have babies in the house. This day we got to have some snuggles with Beckett and Lil.
I heart this face.
Oh wait, here come the monkeys. These little ride on toys are probably one of the best toys we have ever received. The kids love racing through the house on them!
And no, Dane does not have his pants on. I have no answers for that one.
We spent a weekend with Gaga and Papa. Always a good time.
And look, they are still liking each other!
The next morning he decided to ride in the driveway... in his pjs.... with a helmet. I think this helmet has been around since I was a baby.
And of course his puppy was chasing after him. They are going to be the best of friends!
Such a stud.
And then there is this tree. A tree that was planted when I was about his age. It was really just a little twig at that time and now it is big enough for him to climb. I hope it hold him forever. I love that he loves to climb this tree.
And the helmet.. BWAHAHAHA!! Note to self: save this beauty for the 18th birthday reel.
I don't know. I can't explain. I just love him.
I hope the tree can hold both of them.
After changing out of pjs, we decided to go on a Rhino ride. He was a little bit excited.
I love this face. He couldn't stop smiling and I couldn't start snapping.

Those eyebrows. Killer.
Why wouldn't we kick a beer can in the neighbors yard?? Good times.
A quick stop to talk with the cows.
He thought it was pretty cool.
He thought they were cool but his sensitive nose kicked in and all he could say was how much they stunk.
These two are best of friends. I hope they stay this way forever.
And these two. Such a love.

He was done with me. D.o.n.e.
And now it is time for the funnies....
I sent this one to my clumsy amazing friends.
I apologize in advance.. I just get excited, people!!!
Is there a way to get out? Really, anyone??
I have some of the best friends. Friends that get your humor are priceless. This is how one responds to me thinking I am having a stroke when I have numbness and vision problems from a pinched nerve. Such love.
I can't.. BWHAHAHAHA!!!!
Sometimes you just need a little Bill Murray.
Totally, just ask the hubs.
Speaking of the hubs. I heart him.
If you don't laugh, you aren't real.
And for the grand finale.  Just a regular trip to the gas station with the fam. Yes, this is my NORMAL life. Be jealous.