Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September // 2014

September starts with a bang. A Bunco bang. Some of the ladies in the neighborhood wanted to start up a Bunco group. I have to admit, I was not wanting to do it. I mean, Bunco is for old ladies. It couldn't be fun, right?  Um, WRONG. Luckily, Meaghan basically forced me to go to the first one and I am so glad she did! It was so much fun.. There is eating, drinking, lots of laughs and a good time had by all. And of course, whomever rolls a Bunco gets to wear the crown.

And then at the end, you win money and prizes. What is better than that?!?!
Meaghan arguing why she should win more things. Hot mess. BWHAHAHA!!
The crew.
 We rode on the golf cart home.. That was fun and there are stories but I will refrain for fear of future shaming.
And then Meg and I went home, sat outside and enjoyed a few more drinks with the crown and the pup. I love this girl.
This is one of my skills. Mad skills for getting them to zonk in the car.
This month was childhood cancer awareness month. I wish I could say this wasn't even a think because cancer SUCKS.. but it is, so we support these amazing kids and the fight they are fighting. Little Ninja Jimi (age 3) My good friend Will (who passed away when I was a kid) and our friend's daughter Amelia. They are all amazing.
I love when I come home to nonsense left by the pup... no thank you.. this will pass, right??
Date night with this handsome dude!!
Yes, yes they are!!!
My human highlighter. Yes, we even got the backpack and lunchbox. I am not sure why he is wearing it this way but I had to take a picture. He makes me smile.
Have you ever took an almost three year old to check out what he may like for his birthday? Not really my best idea.

We stopped in the wrestling aisle. Thanks to a Scooby Doo + Wrestlemania DVD, he knows all of them.
He decided to go for the big ticket items.
And back to wrestling... I mean what kid doesn't want a lifesize John Cena?? He squealed with excitement. No, I did not purchase this for his birthday.
He came to work with me one afternoon and decided to hang in my co-worker's desks. He was super curious about all the "stuffs"
Especially Miss Sarah's lip balm. Why does she have so manies? Good question, kid.
And now he loves selfies. He says "Take a picture of my mouf"
and then he talks nonsense. So stinkin' cute.

Never forget... Ever...
A wee bit of a chilly night out in the driveway.
I am an awesome mom because I was nice enough to sort all his bands into the container her got for his birthday. Yes, this was probably more fulfilling for me and my OCD than it should have been.
I love that he hoards his toys when he goes to bed Most of the time, I have no clue he even has them.
So potty training comes with some interesting side effect. I mean, besides the obvious of accidents and embarrassing moments. You get the kids that like to redress themselves. And this happens.  Those are shorts that look to double as a sumo belt.
Reading time with Daddy is FAR more adventurous than reading time with mommy.
He sleeps. Aren't they amazing.. super amazing when they sleep.. This was the last night to fall asleep as a six year old.
The next morning was his birthday. It is a tradition to decorate the door in some form or fashion.
He picked out his own clothes, which I was SHOCKED were not in some shade of "highlighter" He chose to wear his new shirt with his name on it (Thanks, McGowans!)
He is such the stud. Click here for his full birthday post.
I surprised him and picked him up from school early... complete with the bonus of his BFF. If you can't tell, he was PUMPED!!
And we went to ChuckECheese. Finally, Mom-of-the-year for a GOOD thing!!!

He was SOOO excited for the ticket blaster. Yes, he had a strategy which included tucking in his shirt.
Never a good sign at 8am on my way to work..........Meh.
Baby buns. Baby Plumber. You are welcome.
And then he gives a bonus and stands like an old man. No, I haven't a clue why he is in underwear and tennis shoes. Some days you just don't ask questions.
Team potty. Boys!
I am not sure why Kat's eyes are huge but I love these girls.
Driveway snacks. They look like old men.
Remember that nicely organized box...well the baby found it. Captain Destruct-o!
He is a hit at the baseball games. I mean the kid brings a backpack of toys. Why wouldn't he be?!?!
And for the sayings, the funnies, the things I catch or are sent throughout the day that just keep me going/laughing/smiling.
Language warning but it is funny!!
This is for my girls. Some very specifically :)
Amazing. Who comes up with this stuff?!?!
You laughed. I know you did.
This one made me about fall out of my chair!
So, I decided I wasn't going to answer this... creeeeeeeeeeeepy.
Have I talked about Dane lately??? He is really "coming into his personality"
I saw this with my own eyes... this is a real thing, y'all!
This is my favorite.. forever!

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